major steps for improving wordpress security


 15 major steps for improving wordpress security

  1. keep an eye on checking your installed plugins updation
  2. use secure server or hosting
  3. always use complicated password
  4. never use admin as your username for wordpress
  5. if you use free of cost theme , first check it on your local host
  6. try to use login attemps for wordpress
  7. try your best not to enable editing your files etc. through dashboard
  8. use wp super cache plugin
  9. always use secuity plugins
  10. never tell all your personal login details to any of your users if you are as admin
  11. always use secure browser 
  12. always use plugins consist of authencity
  13. hide your url rewriting rules from public
  14. keep upto date with wordpress new version
  15. always use that is least not last ; keep backup on daily basis if you are daily user of wordpress