A Natural Cure For Fistula

A Natural Cure For Fistula


This article is dedicated to those who are suffering fistula or fissure and are tired of it and they do want any surgery or operation more !

This series of posts is dedicated to all the people currently suffering from Abscess and/or Fistula. As a past sufferer of fistula-in-ano, I have healed myself through ‘natural remedies’. In the upcoming posts, I would like to discuss my treatment process and provide some tips to accelerate the recovery process. As such, the content is equally applicable to all – people who are searching for a possible natural cure and people who have already gone down the surgery path.
Before you follow this regime, please note that this is not medical advise.  As I am not a medical practitioner, I can only provide insight into best practices from my experience.

So what is an Anal Fistula, Abscess and Haemorrhoid? How do I know which one I have?

An anal fistula is a tube-like passage (tract) from the anal canal to a hole in the skin near the anus. This may occur after rectal surgery, after an abscess in the rectal area, or as a complication of a bowel disease [Source: Myhealth, Cananda].
An abscess is a localised collection of pus (usually under the skin) [Source: Patient].

A haemorrhoid results from the swelling of veins inside (internal haemorrhoid) and/or near the opening of the anus (external haemorrhoid) [Source: WebMD].

All of the conditions above, usually result in severe discomfort and pain. As to the diagnosis, my personal advise would be to contact at least two experienced medical practitioners – to get a second opinion.

My story

It was a simple case of a mild pimple, or so I thought. Boy, was I wrong!
It all began in August of last year (2013), when one morning, I discovered a pea sized pimple near my anal region. As soon as I felt a small tender lump, I immediately pondered, ‘Hmm…that’s odd, this is a rather strange place for a pimple.’ However, I didn’t think too much of it, provided its size and my inexperience in such matters.

The very next day, the ‘pimple’ had aggressively doubled in size – abscess formation. It began to hurt on contact and made my otherwise routine trip to the toilet, rather painful.  Over the next few days, my condition worsened and I started experiencing erratic pains (very brief but sharp).   I grew concerned and started researching online.
Through my research, I was convinced that I had haemorrhoids; as it’s the most common rectal disease among the three (fistula, fissure and haemorrhoids) and the one, that has had a history in my family. My concerns were confirmed by my family doctor (GP) who also inconclusively dismissed it as either a boil or a (external) haemorrhoid. He advised me to make lifestyle changes over a surgery, if it was a haemorrhoid. In hindsight, I should have asked him for a referral to a specialist, as it was later discovered to be a fistula-in-ano, formed from an abscess (as discussed below).

Fast forward a month, and my fistula hadn’t improved. In fact, over the period it grew so large in size that it burst by itself under pressure, spilling a mixture of blood and pus. Surely, that would be the end of it, I thought, but it came back, over and over, only to provide a short lived gratification.
After consulting with two independent surgeons, I finally realised that I had developed a fistula requiring a seton treatment. However, going under the knife was not my preferred option. I came across Mr. Good Guy and his promising ‘Ghee’ treatment specifically for Fistula-in-Ano (anal and perianal fistula). I followed his treatment for a week but saw little improvement. This is not to discredit his findings, as many people have posted improvement in their conditions. In fact, I incorporate ghee in my (modified) treatment I outline in Part 2.



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