ANGELINA JOLIE HACKERS MOVIE | Hackers Movie made new heights of climax for Angelina Jolie as her last two movies “Cyborg” and “Without evidence ” did not made so much interest for her audience and critics.


Hackers (1995), was one of the first films to tap into the growing, global fascination with the Internet. The movie follows a group of high-school computer junkies who discover plans for an upcoming $25 million computer crime. The King and Queen of these cyberpunks are new-boy-intown Dade (Miller), and Jolie’s Kate, or as they are known online, Zero Cool and Acid Burn. Dade comes on the scene with built-in credibility— as a kid, he hacked into over a thousand Wall Street systems.


Although he was caught and ordered to stay away from computers until he was 18, Dade accidentally stumbles upon a computer virus of unprecedented proportions. The virus is created by a villainous, master hacker who calls himself The Plague and who works as a security consultant for a major oil corporation.

The virus will wreak worldwide havoc within days unless The Plague is paid. When The Plague realizes he’s been discovered, he frames Dade. What follows is predictable, but it’s presented in a slick fashion, with plenty of computer graphics to add color and flash. Ironically, both Miller and Jolie admitted to being completely computer- illiterate. Angelina seemed particularly proud of it.


Can you believe that Angelina Jolie hated computers but she made a Hackers Movie |ANGELINA JOLIE HACKERS MOVIE

During a press junket interview to promote the film, Angelina Jolie announced she hated computers. She also admitted they scared her and that she was always afraid of breaking them. Miller confessed he didn’t own a computer and explained that while he appreciated their place in society, he didn’t feel the need to chat online or browse Internet sites for information.
Instead, what appealed to Jolie and Miller was subversive quality of hackers, as well as their self-proclaimed role as defenders of true democracy. However, in contrast to the shadowy figures the movie portrays, Jolie claimed that hackers were really quite social. “You can call them nerds, but they are good nerds.

Angelina Jolie and Miller made a change in people for not having Mercy of large corporations | ANGELINA JOLIE HACKERS MOVIE


Jolie said at the time. Miller agreed and noted that hacking is less about stealing and more about uncovering hidden information; without hackers, Miller claimed, people would be completely at the mercy of large corporations. Jolie also thought that film was appealing because of the way it questioned conventional wisdom.

Angelina Jolie shared her experience of Hackers Movie |ANGELINA JOLIE HACKERS MOVIE

“I think Hackers is about testing barriers, testing opinions,” she explains. “It’s not just testing the limits around masculine and feminine; it was about testing barriers about different races, different sexes.” The experience was fun for her, she said, since the hacker culture allows people to experiment and do or be anything they want.

Can you imagine Angelina Jolie and other co stars made a crash course before Hackers Movie

Prior to the start of filming, Hackers -director Iain Softley gave Miller and Jolie a crash course on computers so he could be confident they wouldn’t have to fake the computer scenes. Almost in spite of herself, Jolie was fascinated: “Even though I’m not into computers, part of me had fun. It’s neat to push one little button and have everything happen—or have everything disappear.”

What Jolie liked in Hackers Movie |ANGELINA JOLIE HACKERS MOVIE

In addition to computer skills, the script necessitated a considerable amount of time on roller blades. Roller blading and hanging out with the cast was one of Jolie’s favorite parts of the filming. The other cool part was getting to meet real computer hackers. While she says she didn’t really know what a lot of the lines meant, the experience was still completely
In a case of cyber irony, MGM/UA, the studio distributing the film, was given a taste of real-life hacking several days prior to the film’s release. Jeff Moss, who organizes hacker conferences, revealed to reporters that hackers who were hired as consultants on the film passed along copies of the screenplay to friends via the Internet.

A group of hackers who felt the movie didn’t do them justice were so annoyed they hacked into the MGM/UA web site and added a billboard that labeled the movie “lame” and “cheesy.”

They also defaced pictures of the actors and replaced publicity shots with a snapshot of real hackers drinking beer. The prank delighted the studio, which realized the press coverage of the cyber vandalism had generated far more publicity than the studio could have paid for. In a press release, executives noted, “We don’t approve of their trashing our Web site, but we are thoroughly impressed by their creativity and ingenuity.”


Angelina Jolile fell in love |ANGELINA JOLIE HACKERS MOVIE

when she was in Europe promoting the overseas opening of Hackers , Angelina disclosed the nuptials during a press interview, commenting, “I always fall in love while I’m working on a film. It’s such an intense thing. And I’ve always been at my most impulsive when English men are around.

Ryan Gilby Commented on Movie Hackers by Angelina Jolie |ANGELINA JOLIE HACKERS MOVIE
Ryan Gilby of the Independent commented, “The loud, silly new adventure Hackers . . . can’t decide whether its band of avenging computer wizards are the new subversives or the new Peeping Toms.”

Louis admitted this thing about couple of Miller and Angelina Jolie |ANGELINA JOLIE HACKERS MOVIE


Louis Post-Dispatch noted that Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie “make an attractive couple, and some of their scenes together transcend the generally unbelievable script.”
There was a reason Miller and Jolie crackled together on screen. While filming, Angelina and her co-star fell in love. At least on the surface, Miller seemed like a perfect fit for Jolie. He, too, had come from a family of actors and understood the desire to make a name for himself. He was also just as much of a free spirit, willing to push the edge.


Hackers Movie attracted teenagers at great length |ANGELINA JOLIE HACKERS MOVIE

While Hackers might not have been a mainstream hit, enough teenagers saw it that Miller became one of the latest flavors of the month, popping up in teen magazines and fan sites on the web. But like his bride, Miller wasn’t concerned with commercial approval or teen idol popularity. He was flattered, but his primary objective was making good films.