ANGELINA JOLIE HUSBAND JONNY LEE MILLER | Angelina Jolie says about her husband Miller ;what they they had before and after marriage and how their marriage was not successful.

“We had a tumultuous affair ‘cause we were living on opposite sides of the world,” Miller admits. “But true love is something that just creeps up on you. We’d known each other for a year before we got married.”Because they both came from acting families, they believed they could handle the pressure of being married to a fellow actor. On March 28, 1996, when Jolie was only 20 and Miller just 22, the couple impulsively decided to get married.
The decision was so sudden that Jonny didn’t even meet Angelina’s dad, who was away filming Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise, until a few weeks after the marriage. “Being nuts about her had something to do with it.


Miller explained in an interview

Angelina Jolie Husband Jonny Lee Miller |“But I also had to think it was a great opportunity to explore other worlds and to move and work in Los Angeles with a purpose. Otherwise I might have been asking what if? for the rest of my life.”
Although they kept the event quiet, holding the ceremony at Los Angeles City Hall with only two witnesses, they weren’t exactly low-key and inconspicuous. Jonny was dressed head to toe in black leather and Angelina wore black rubber pants and a shirt with Jonny’s name painted in her own blood. Initially, the newlyweds chose to keep their marriage a secret.

Media Was know Whether Angelina Jolie And Jonny Lee Miller Were Together Or Not

Angelina Jolie Husband Jonny Lee Miller |When Jolie told him she wanted to move to New York, Miller returned to London. For months after his return to England, the couple shrugged off questions about whether or not they were still together. However, 19 months after they were married, they made it official.

Angelina Jolie Feelings For Jonny Lee Miller

Angelina Jolie Husband Jonny Lee Miller |“Jonny and I are still crazy about each other, but we have the sense of needing to move on in different directions,” she would tell Louis Hobson of the Calgary Sun in 1998. But even then, Jolie seemed reluctant to let go. “Jonny and I are divorced but we’re still great friends,” she insisted to Hobson in a later 1999 interview. “We’ve literally held each other’s hand through this whole ordeal. There’s just never been a lack of love between us. I really enjoy talking on the phone and missing him. We love each other but we realize we can’t do this marriage thing together at this time.” The divorce became final February 3, 1999.


Angelina Jolie Wanted To Be A Better Woman

Angelina Jolie Husband Jonny Lee Miller |Jolie says being married to Jonny helped her be a better woman, but it also taught her she needed to let some walls down.

Angelina Jolie says“I am so self-sufficient that I don’t know how to let a man be a man, or how to commit to buying a house together. I could never even be on the same insurance.”


Angelina Jolie Love For Jonny Lee Miller

Angelina Jolie Husband Jonny Lee Miller |Jolie said,For years after, regret colored Jolie’s discussion of her break-up with Miller and she once called divorcing him the dumbest thing she’d ever done. In the same breath, though, she admitted she didn’t dwell on the past. “I was so lucky to have met the most amazing man, who I wanted to marry. It comes down to timing. I think he’s the greatest husband a girl could ask for. I’ll always love him, we were simply too young.”

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