ANGELINA JOLIE MEMORIES | Jon Voight thinks that Angelina has always been fiercely independent. “Since she was a baby she wouldn’t let you help her, even with her ABCs. She’d
say, No ! I do it . I do it ,” he recalls. “That’s the way she is.”Angelina was also assertive and uninhibited.


Magazine interview ,in 1997, conducted by her dad, Jolie would say, “God, my earliest memories are of my brother pointing the home video camera at me and saying, C ’ mon, Ange, give US a show . Neither you or Mom ever said, Be quiet ! Stop talking ! I remember you looking me in the eye and asking, What are you thinking ? What are you feeling ?
That’s what I do in my job now—I say, OK, how do I feel about this ? And I immediately know, because that’s how I grew up.”


Angelina Jolie view point about children growth | ANGELINA JOLIE MEMORIES

Reflecting on her childhood from the perspective of a parent, she explains, “Artists raise their kids differently. We communicate to the point where we probably annoy our children. We have art around the house, we have books, we go to plays, we talk. Our focus is art and painting and dress-up and singing. It’s what we love. So I think you can see how artists in some way raise other artists.”

Angelina Jolie went to Renaissance fair | ANGELINA JOLIE MEMORIES
One of Jolie’s most vivid recollections of childhood is when her mom inadvertently introduced her to knives. “I went to the Renaissance Fair with my mom when I was a little girl and there were all these kinda knives, ”
She would later tell TV talk show host Conan O’Brian. “It reminds you of history and there’s something really beautiful and traditional about them, and just different countries have different weapons and blades and there’s something beautiful about them to me. So I began collecting knives—I’ve collected weapons since I was a little girl.”

When Jolie was 11 years old, Marcheline moved back to Los Angeles, making it easier for Voight to maintain contact with the kids. When Angelina stayed with her dad on weekends, they would spend time on the beach and catch up with each other. Telling her she was his best critic, Voight would discuss potential movie projects at length, asking Angelina’s opinion and declining to take roles she didn’t approve. Jolie knew she loved expressing herself creatively, but she didn’t know what career path she would take; at different times she envisioned herself being a writer or painter. Voight, however, seemed intent on reeling her in to the acting life.

Angelina Jolie struggled hard in life |ANGELINA JOLIE MEMORIES

Angelina Jolie struggled against the expectations people had about her because of her famous father. When you grow up in the land of mansions and your dad is an Oscar-winning actor, people make assumptions.

Angelina Jolie said on one occasion and her monthly budget to buy a computer
“Everyone thought I had money,” Jolie reflects. “I had to go to my teacher and say, I can ’ t keep redoing my papers because I don ’ t have a computer . And I remember the teacher saying, Have your father buy you one .”

Jon Voight Experience in life | ANGELINA JOLIE MEMORIES
While her Beverly Hills High School classmates spent their ample allowances in Rodeo Drive boutiques, Jolie bought her wardrobe at thrift stores and in Gen-Xer areas like the Melrose district. Voight doesn’t deny he wasn’t the best financial provider for his children. “I went through some dramas,” he admits. However, he considers those experiences useful.
“I think as I look back, all of those times are of good use to me, because they taught me many things. And maybe taught my kids a few things as well. When they saw me struggle with different things, and all the real difficulties that I’ve had, if I shared them, they’d become lessons for them as well. So they can see, well this happened here, and this is the way that Dad responded to it. And if they know my weaknesses as well as my
strengths, that doesn’t hurt either.”



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