Arachnicide Spider Movie Reviews Plot Cast

Arachnicide Spider Movie Reviews Plot Cast Production

Arachnicide Spider movie produced by Ruben Maria Soriquez,Directed by Paolo Bertola. Arachnicide Spider movie has starring Crisula Stafida,Gabriel Cash,Gino Barzacchi and Riccardo Serventi Longhi. Music of Arachnicide Spider movie was produced by Erik Ekholm and Arachnicide  movie was edited by Paolo Bertola.Arachnicide movie has playtime duration of 91 minutes and based country name is Italy and Arachnicide movie base language Italian.It had total budget of $670,950. Arachnicide was movie distributed by Brain Damage Films.

Arachnicide Spider movie Plot:

The L9 Commandos are a task force composed of six of the best soldiers from  different Special Forces Units.  After successfully taking down the drug operation,  the L9 Commandos are called on for an important mission in Albania.
There, they discover that the incubator has created a group of colossal spiders.

Arachnicide Spider movie Ending Plot:

After years of experimenting, a researcher succeeds in  creating an incubator that accelerates plant and animal growth. The technology is controlled by a powerful criminal organisation  and is being used to accelerate the growth of plants needed for  manufacturing of illegal drugs and narcotics. To destroy the laboratories they operate, the United Nations organises  an elite team of operatives known as the L9 Commandos.

Arachnicide Spider movie Cast

  1. Riccardo Serventi Longhi as Colonel Monti
  2. Crisula Stafida as Dr. Sarti
  3. Gino Barzacchi as Major Murra
  4. Gabriel Cash as Lieutenant Kolman

Arachnicide Spider movie Production

The film was produced by See Thru Pictures on a budget of $670,950, under the working title of L9 Commando, and was distributed by Brain Damage Films in May 2016. In 2014, Paolo Bertola served as the film’s director, after having worked on another television film, Virtually Dead, which was broadcast in January of that same year. Bertola also acted as the film’s editor, as well as a visual effects supervisor. On December 10, 2015, an official trailer for the film was uploaded to YouTube by Midnight Releasing.

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