Arachnid Movie Reviews Plot Production Cast

Arachnid Movie Reviews Plot Production Cast Budget

Arachnid Movie

Arachnid Movie was written by Mark Sevi and directed by Jack Sholder. Arachnid Movie has starring namely Rocqueford Allen ,Alex Reid ,José Sancho,Robert Vicencio and Chris Potter. Music of Arachnid Movie was played by Francesc Gener and Cinematography of Arachnid Movie was done by Carlos González. Arachnid Spider Movie edited and Distributed by Jaume Vilalta and Lions Gate Films respectively.

Arachnid Movie total play time of 95 minutes and it has language of English. At the time of released on June 29, 2001.

Reviews of Arachnid Movie:

About $570,000 buget was allocated on Arachnid Movie and got lead of $1,123,000 at box office. It got success but not at that level of planning.

Arachnid Movie Plot:

A plane crashes on an island, and the pilot comes across a giant spider, which kills both him and an alien. One year later, Mercer (Alex Reid), the sister of the pilot, accompanies Valentine (Chris Potter) to the same island to locate her brother. On the way to a native village to examine several natives who are dying of spider bites, ticks burrow into Reyes (Luis Lorenzo Crespo). Upon reaching the village, they discover that the village has moved on. Reyes begins to cough up the ticks and Bear (Rocqueford Allen) decides to shoot him to end his suffering.

That night, Mercer wanders off and is attacked by a mutated spider, but is saved by a native, who ends up getting bitten and dying the next morning. The group moves on, and are attacked by a giant spider,  which kills Henry (an “arachnologist”) and Samuel (the group’s doctor).

A smaller spider attacks Bear, and another native is killed. Valentine, Mercer and Susana (Neus Asensi), Samuel’s assistant, hole up in a military bunker. While Mercer keeps watching, the spiders attack and force the survivors into a closet. Susana panics when she sees the spider is gone and is killed when she tries to escape. Mercer and Valentine escape through a bomb tunnel into the forest, where Valentine slips into unconsciousness from a bite he sustained.

In the morning, Valentine rises to discover that “Toe Boy” and “Bear” are  the only surviving natives. The four head into the cave,  where they find the spider in a cocoon. Mercer endeavors to chop the case down so Bear can shoot it,  be that as it may, it ascends before she can chop it down and at last Bear is dead.  The arachnid sets pursue Mercer and she winds up enclosed by its silk,  which she uses to pull the creepy crawly from the roof and it falls onto a  stalagmite, murdering it. As Mercer, Toe Kid and Valentine clear out,
another bug watches them from an overhead bluff.


Arachnid Movie Ending Plot:

8-legged creature is a 2001 American blood and gore movie coordinated by Jack Sholder.  The film fixates on a gathering of plane crash survivors  who are stalked and executed by monster outsider arachnids.
The film stars Alex Reid, Chris Potter, Rocqueford Allen,  Robert Vicencio and José Sancho.

Arachnid Movie Production:

In a meeting for the film’s narrative, “Behind the Drapery Part II” (2012),  chief Jack Sholder, had this to say in regards to this film:  I essentially did it for the cash and it was a content .(Arachnid Movie)

I got the chance to live in Barcelona for a half year and, you know, they paid me well.  Everything was great aside from I needed to go to work ordinary and shoot an idiotic content.  I haven’t seen that one since, you know, I made it.(Arachnid Movie)
Furthermore, a few people say ‘Gracious well, it’s in reality superior to anything you think’,  be that as it may, I essentially advise individuals to dodge that one”.(Arachnid Movie)

Cast names in Arachnid Movie

Alex Reid … Mercer
Luis Lorenzo Crespo … Reyes (as Luis Lorenzo)
Jesús Cabrero … Lightfoot
Héctor Chiquín … Native 1
Conejo Wilson … Native 2
Fausto Gualsaqui … Native 3
Chris Potter … Valentine
Rocqueford Allen … Bear
Robert Vicencio … Toe Boy (as Robert Gabriel Vicencio)
José Sancho … Dr. Samuel Leon
Neus Asensi … Susana Gabriel
Ravil Isyanov … Henry Capri

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