Arachnoquake Movie Reviews Starring Date

Arachnoquake Movie Reviews Starring Date

Arachnoquake movie was directed by Griff Furst and screen played by Paul A. Birkett. The story of Arachnoquake movie was written by Eric Forsberg .Arachnoquake movie produced by Kenneth M. Badish. Starring of Arachnoquake movie Paul Boocock,Megan Adelle and Gralen Bryant Banks.

Arachnoquake motion picture is a 2012 made for TV blood and gore movie that publicized on Syfy. Mammoth pale skinned person arachnids are discharged by tremors in New Orleans. It is up to mankind to stop them and their ruler.The insects can impact fire and venom from their mouth.

Arachnoquake film review:

A review from Starburst says, “Arachnoquake is too hilarious and good-natured to be offensive and, for SyFy, it’s a quantum leap in quality from last year’s dire Camel Spiders and is cautiously recommended for lovers of unpretentious throwaway big insect movies.” Craig McGee, of Horror News, wrote, “The easiest way I can sway you into my way of thinking with this movie is if you didn’t enjoy the SyFy Original, CAMEL SPIDERS, from last year then you’re not going to go for this one either.

The spiders of Arachnoquake were featured in the book How to Survive a Sharknado and Other Unnatural Disasters.

More Public Info about Arachnoquake Film:

Cinematography of Arachnoquake film was played by Lorenzo Senatore. Company Active Entertainment released on 23 June 2012 (USA). Arachnoquake film was edited by Misty Talley.


Cast of Arachnoquake Movie

Megan Adelle as Annabel
Gralen Bryant Banks as Major Crandle
Earl Maddox as Roux
Skyy Moore as Justin
Damien Moses as Martin (as Damien Anthony Moses)
Ethan Phillips as Roy
Dane Rhodes as Jean Jacques
Samantha Smith as Tammy
Paul Boocock as Clerk
Edward Furlong as Charlie
Tiara Ashleigh as Tina
Sari Cummings as Sexy lady
Glen Warner as Hunter
Tracey Gold as Katelynn
Bug Hall as Paul
Olivia Hardt as Petra
Grant James as Gramps
Lucky Johnson as Glen
Ned Yousef as Guillaume
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Samantha Smith as Tammy

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