archive storage engine


Archive storage engine

Archive storage engine less frequently used storage engine in mysql or other database database management system ; it is mostly used where we we need a lot of compression of files in our dbms and if we use it with other storage engine it gives us a lot of capabilities.
The Archive storage engine was specifically designed for the storage of large amounts of sequential
write once only data, generally logging or auditing information.
Key Features of Archive storage engine:

  1. Very fast, ideal for logging data
  2. High compression factor
  3. Row level locking

Limitations of Archive storage engine:

  1. Non-transactional.
  2. Does not support indexes.
  3. INSERT only. Does not support UPDATE or DELETE.

Important Parameters of Archive storage engine:
Understanding Archive Tables Usages
An Archive table is represented as three or four separate fi les in the fi le system located in the defined data directory for the MySQL instance. These files are:

  1. table.ARM: This is the Archive table meta data.
  2. table.ARZ: This is the Archive table data file.
  3. table.frm: This is the table format definition file.
  4. table.ARN: This is a temporary file that is present during a table optimization process.

The only operations that are permitted with an Archive table are INSERT and SELECT. No other DDL is permitted. An Archive table is also only permitted a primary key, and no additional indexes are permitted.

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