Arrival, Years A Slave, Zero Dark Thirty, Mad Max: Fury Road Hollywood Movies

Why these Hollywood Movies are called best in silence Arrival, Years A Slave, Zero Dark Thirty, Mad Max: Fury Road Hollywood Movies

14.2016 Hollywood Movie ‘Arrival’

“Arrival” is astonished by its concept. An idea that no writer/filmmaker has ever wondered. If aliens ever reach the ground, the chances of participating in the Spielberg War are slim. At least before they try to contact us first. What is beautiful about “Arrival” is the fact that it is a story about a mother and her difficult choices.

15. 2013 Hollywood Movie 12 Years A Slave

Brutally honest and dishonest, he said: “12-year-old slaves” never shy away from showing us the kind of mirror in which we see the extremes of oppression that people To be able to interact with people. At the same time, we are forced to ask ourselves questions: Do we have the right to take away anyone’s freedom? The film is equally important nowadays when the definition of slavery may change, but we still have people living in this world who have to fight for their freedom every day.

16. 2016 Hollywood Movie Zero Dark Thirty

In terms of clinical and procedural, and at the same time, exciting, and satisfying, “Zero Dark Thirty” is committed to film a success. It provides a great deal of emotion, but also about the power of the will and the role of women in achieving that goal, which starts as a job but becomes the sole purpose of life. Forget about superhero movies. There is no movie about heirloom more than “Zero Dark Thirty” published this decade.

17. 2015 Hollywood Movie Mad Max: Fury Road

“Crazy Max: Quick Road” is a fascinating song not because of the action scenes, but because of the ideas it seeks to propagate. Most important of all – apart from the self-invented world – or in a happy scene, or in any other case, can women care about the world more than men as caregivers, survivors, and guards? Are you This is an idea that will make it difficult to reconcile with corrupt people. However, thinking is good food.

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