Asian Spiders Haplopelma Species Venomous

Asian Spiders Haplopelma Species Venomous

Haplopelma Spiders

These huge spiders typically have leg spans ranging from 13 to twenty cm (4.5 to eight inches).
Haplopelma spiders board burrows they build up several feet deep, rising to capture prey (mostly insects like cockroaches and crickets, but together mice).

This genus of old-world tarantulas area unit found at intervals the rain forests of southeast Asia: Union of Myanmar, southeastern China, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and Borneo. they need humidity levels of up seventieth or loads of.


Like all old-world tarantulas, the Haploplema spiders lack the urticating hairs of their new world counterparts, and use biting as a primary implies that of defense. {they’re|they area unit} reputed to possess a nasty temper and are on the face of it to bite once handled. previous world tarantulas area unit well-known for having sturdy venom (but the venom of the numerous species still should be studied)

Species in Haplopelma include:

Chinese Bird Spider, Black Earth Tiger (Haplopelma hainanum, Haplopelma schmidti).This species of tarantula is native to many parts of Asia, notably the tropical rain forests of China and Vietnam.

This aggressive nature, backed by a fantastic speed and extremely huge fangs, have semiconductor unit to the present species being thought of 1 among the foremost dangerous spiders at intervals the planet.This sable spider is huge: its leg span can reach up to twenty cm (8 inches).

Although the Chinese Bird sometimes preys on insects and little rodents, this terrible and extremely aggressive species will not hesitate to bite somebody’s being, usually attacking whereas not provocation.

A small dose of the Chinese Bird’s venom, that attacks the system, and is fatal to laboratory rats and mice.

Kingdom of Siam Black Tarantula, Bird consumption Spider (Haplopelma minax)

This spider happens in Union of Myanmar and Kingdom of Siam where it’s quite common in gardens (and means less therefore at intervals houses). a completely big female can reach 10 cm (4 inches). This tarantula is venomous, but not too potent, although it’ll cause a nasty reaction, notably in children.

Metal Blue Tarantula (Haplopelma lividum)

Found in Union of Myanmar and Kingdom of Siam.
It is well-known to sprnd most of its time at intervals its underground burrow.
Like most Asian tarantulas, it’s very aggressive and possesses a painful, dangeous bite.

Thai equine Tarantula (Haplopelma albostriatum), together known as the “edible spider”: found in Union of Haplopelma salangense: found in land.

Haplopelma vonwirthi: found in southeastern Asia.

Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia.

Haplopelma doriae: found in island (Indonesia)

Haplopelma longipes: found in Kingdom of Siam and Asian country.

Malaysian Blue-Femur Earth Tiger (Haplopelma robustum): found in Singapore.

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