Axact university and educational crime

Axact university and educational crime

Axact education scandal

How axact university run by

Axact university and educational crime |A former employee Fouad Khan said, “Umaima Jalal is also the head of Education Department at Axact where she heads a team of eight girls. These girls impersonate as professors in universities set up by Axact.”

Khan added that these girls are given targets to produce more and more courses by copying online material from other courses and then run their own multiple courses keeping different American names for themselves.

“The Sales Department of Axact is also involved in this crime as they call students from around the globe to join this university which will later give them degree (convincing how the university is easier than other online universities and providing the same degree),” he said.

He added that some of the universities include Mary Grand High School, Mount Lincoln University, Nicholson University, Redding University, Walford University, Wiley University, Windham University and Brooksville University.

“Rabeel Shaikh, Abida Ali, Sumaira Shoaib, Sana Aamir, Huma Ahmed, Shiza Shahab and Sadaf Zain are some of the personnel who were especially trained to cater to CVs of clients for hundreds of dollars,” Khan claimed.

A current employee, who works in the Marketing Department, told Pakistan Today, “It is sad to see that coming from great universities– such as Javeria Khalid being from CBM and Sadaf Zain from SZABIST– these people indulge in cyber crime, blinded by a handsome pay package of Rs 60,000 in salary, a car and a cell phone.”


Furthermore, Sales and IT departments work together for selling fake degrees, say the insiders.

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An employee working in the Sales Department shared that they mostly target Middle Eastern countries. “We are kept in so much pressure by our managers to meet our million dollar targets that we quote the price for the fake degree as high as we can,” he said.

“I have sold degrees ranging from $20,000 to $50,000. We charge our clients extra for the stamps and verification from US (which is fake),” she added.

“We provide this fake degree for the professional experience they have done (and make up for some who has no professional experience). A satisfied client brings a lot of business,” she said.

“We remain in touch with our clients with American numbers which are in computer and also we have WhatsApp on these numbers which makes them think we are from America. We use fake American names and speak with an American accent to convince clients,” she said.

The Axact management could not be reached for comment in this regard.

The revelation is likely to build more pressure on Axact, as Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Saturday announced that the government would approach Interpol and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for assistance in the probe into the Axact fake degree scandal.

The minister told reporters in Islamabad that Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had found substantive evidence during initial enquiry that warranted  a more thorough probe into the affairs of the company.

Axact has meanwhile, vehemently denied the fake degree charges levelled against it byThe New York Times investigative journalist Declan Walsh.

Moreover, Alec Hu Tan, a student of the University of Phoenix, Florida is enrolled in Consumer Psychology and Research course. All his assignments and mail correspondence are done at the Axact office. Alec’s account could be accessed by logging in at with ID “alec168” and password “Buonmethuot1”, as informed by Axact insiders.

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