Best Hollywood Movies Over Time

Best Hollywood Movies Over Time

  1. Blue Jasmine (2013) | Hollywood Movie 2013

Hollywood Movies | The clever and darkly funny “Blue Jasmine” serves as a sarcastic commentary and character study. This is Woody Allen’s delightful, fun writing presentation. It also proves that you should not write Woody Allen right now. Every now and then, it surprises you with fun and clever work so easily. And let’s not forget about the performance of Kate Blanchett, which in my opinion is the best for every actor of this decade.

2.Interstellar (2014) | Hollywood Movie 2014

Hollywood Movies | Featuring some of the best photos you’ve ever seen on screen, “Interstellar” is breathtaking and technically impressive. I was stunned, surprised and amazed by the “Interstellar” scale. “Interstellar” is faulty. But it’s also beautiful. And this is exactly what Nolan wants in the end: from father to daughter is a symbol of love.

3.Drive (2011) | Hollywood Movie 2011

Hollywood Movies | Let’s call it that and put all the arguments aside: “Drive” is the most stylish movie released in this decade. Whether it’s retro music, unconventional photos, slow tapes of dialogue or the always “cool” Ryan Gosling, “drive” style and chic. This “kissing in the elevator” scene is enough to convince me how much unconventional “driving” is. And frankly, “Drive” resembles a ’70s gangster movie that was somehow sent to a time machine that will be released in 2011.

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4.Manchester by the Sea (2016) | Hollywood Movie 2016

Hollywood Movies | There are movies that you love. There are also movies you will never forget. “Manchester by the Sea” is definitely one of those rare films that will stay with you all your life. Aside from the flowing narratives in the movie, it’s amazing that he manages to laugh and cry at the same time – often in the same scenes. Director Kenneth Logan took advantage of the inspiring family’s everyday moments and created a unique work of art that is richly polished, humane and humorous.