Best Hollywood Movies Over Years 2011,2015,2017

Best Hollywood Movies Over Years 2011,2015,2017

5.Lady Bird (2017) | 2017 Hollywood Movie

Greta Gerwig has already proven to be a great actress. Along with “Lady Bird”, she is also a great director. The story of a partial suicide about a girl who is trying to find her foot apart from her family is immediately described in a charming and cathartic manner. In a year that could easily be called the “Year of the Strong Woman”, ‘Lady Bird’ comes out as the movie that best represents 2017. And that is why I do not hesitate to announce this year’s best movie.

6.Room (2015) | 2015 Hollywood Movie

The Great Story of Escape, Surprise, Discovery, Mourning, and Awakening “Piece” is easily the most interesting movie (read: where I shed the most tears) I’ve ever seen. Outlining the strongest relationships that exist between a mother and her baby, “peace” is as touching as it is shocking. Simply put, “Piece” is a movie you will not miss for long.

7.Shame (2011) | 2011 Hollywood Movie

How often do we try to hide our fears and weaknesses in the veil of intoxication? “Shame” refers to the desire to hide inner shame, to try to immerse yourself in something so big that you eventually lose your true self. “Shame” is an unusual feat in filming. He distinguishes this aspect of human behavior as any other film that has not succeeded in this decade.

8.Carol (2015) | 2015 Hollywood Movie

Watching “Carol” is the equivalent of experiencing this combination of emotions: deep, inevitable sadness, combined with constant triumphant joy. The very reason for the relationship between the characters and the intimacy of being isolated from the world around them makes the film very special. This is a very beautiful film that seeks love in a very sensitive way. Very few movies are suitable for rendering. The last scene of the movie is the most ending I’ve seen in a long time.

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