Camel Spiders Movie Cast Reviews Plot Release

Camel Spiders Movie Cast Reviews Plot Release

Camel Spiders Movie based on genre Science Fiction Horror and screen played by Jim Wynorski and J. Brad Wilke. Camel Spiders Movie main starring performed by Melissa Brasselle,Frankie Cullen,Brian Krause,C. Thomas Howell,Hayley Sanchez and Jessica Cameron.


Camel Spiders Movie was directed by Jim Wynorski and produced by Steven Louis and William Dever. Others executive producers of Camel Spiders Movie names are Jim Wynorski and Roger Corman. Camel Spiders Movie was edited by Tony Randel and cinematographed by Andrea V. Rossotto.

Camel Spiders Movie is a 2011 made-for-television horror sci-fi film starring Brian Krause, C. Thomas Howell and screamqueen Jessica Cameron. It was directed by genre veteran Jim Wynorski and executive produced by Roger Corman.


Camel Spiders Movie Main Cast:

  1. Frankie Cullen as Schwalb
  2. Jessica Cameron as Ashley
  3. Hayley Sanchez as Hayley Mullins
  4. Brian Krause as Captain Mike Sturges
  5. C. Thomas Howell as Sheriff Ken Beaumont
  6. Melissa Brasselle as Sgt. Shelly Underwood

Home media:

Lionsgate released movie on DVD and Blue Ray by on May 27, 2012.

Extra details of Camel Spiders Movie :

  1. Original language(s) English
  2. Running time 80 mins.
  3. Country of origin United States
  4. Distributor Sy fy
  5. Production company(s) New Horizons Picture Corp.
  6. Budget $500,000

Public Release:

  1. March 4, 2011
  2. Original network Sy fy
  3. Original release

Camel Spiders Movie Reception:

Camel Spiders Movie actually based on horror and blood movie.The first reception from Gallman condemned “It is anything but a diversion changing artful culmination or anything, yet Camel Spiders is evidence that Corman’s way to deal with low-spending plan filmmaking is as yet fit for turning out fun stuff.”

Camel Spiders Movie Cast In Details:

  1. Hayley Mullins as Hayley DeMarco
  2. Diana Terranova as Patty
  3. GiGi Erneta as Reba
  4. Michael Swan as McNeil
  5. Brian Krause as Captain Mike Sturges
  6. C. Thomas Howell as Sheriff Ken Beaumont
  7. Melissa Brasselle as Sgt. Shelly Underwood (as Rocky DeMarco)
  8. Frankie Cullen as Schwalb
  9. Hayley Sanchez as Hayley Sanchez
  10. Kurt Yaeger as Joe
  11. Matt Borlenghi as Brad Mullins
  12. Jon Mack as Sharon Mullins
  13. Michael Bernardi as Michael Bernardi … Jeff
  14. Corey Landis as Cain
  15. Jason Greear as Will
  16. Thomas Dillard as Bubba
  17. Steve Goldenberg as Brent (as Steven Goldenberg)
  18. Paula Labaredas as Wendy (as Paula LaBaredas)
  19. Amber McConnell as Erin
  20. Steve Snyder as Trent
  21. Derek Hockenbrough as Rick
  22. Damien Puckler as Bork
  23. Karnell Matthews as Cage
  24. Elizabeth Elverson Welch as Drive-In Girl
  25. Steven Louis Goldenberg as Brent
  26. Paul Grace as General Farmer
  27. Archie Tullos as Background – Iraq
  28. Stephen John Williams as Soldier
  29. James Arthur Lewis as Collins (as James Lewis)
  30. Hugh Mun as Medic
  31. Gerald Webb as Army Medic
  32. Jason Smither as Military Helicopter Pilot
  33. Charles Solomon Jr. as Deputy Sheriff Jimmy Ray (as Charlie Solomon)
  34. Jessica Finch as Webbed Girl
  35. Christopher Ray as Webbed Man (as Chris Ray)
  36. Kayla Gill as Tracy
  37. Shay Dickerhoff as Carl (as Shay Baker)
  38. Jessica Cameron as Ashley
  39. Paul Wallace as Eddie
  40. Gerard Pauwels as Professor Essex

Camel Spiders Movie Plot:

Camel Spiders that for quite a long time have been supposed to torment military in the Center East are unintentionally acquainted with the southwestern deserts of the Joined States. The camel creepy crawlies currently uninhibitedly chase for prey, unafraid of any predator—including man. No place is sheltered; nobody is past their deadening sting. At last, various tough warriors unite as one to make one final remain against the Camel Spiders.

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