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‘All or Nothing: Carolina Panthers’ gives us an exclusive sneak peek into the inner dynamics of the Carolina Panthers. And this time we do not have to depend on press releases or articles. This sports documentary chronicles the 2018 Panthers season and explores the victories of the team over the Giants and Eagles. It also narrates the difficult losses throughout the year and the transformative changes introduced by the latest owner, David Tepper.

Following a format similar to that of NFL Network’s ‘Hard Knocks‘, ‘All or Nothing’ dives deep into the minutest aspects from 2018’s season, starting from the team’s 6-2 start to its seven-game losing streak. Additionally, it documents Cam Newton’s shoulder struggles and explores personal details such as homes of the players, the team’s locker and meeting rooms, and practice sessions. Other interesting incidents covered across the episodes include a glimpse into Norv Turner’s offense, the fiasco with the Steelers and the fallout from a seven-game losing streak that ended any chance for the team to make it to the playoffs.

‘All or Nothing: Carolina Panthers’ offers multiple elements for its fans to be excited about. Not only is this the first time that viewers are getting an exclusive look into the inner workings for their favorite team, the sports show also lends a closer view of the work routines of some of the higher character players, such as middle linebacker Luke Kuechly, who is definitely the best defender of an era and also a huge movie addict.

As per Amazon, “In this season, just three years removed from his MVP season and a Super Bowl appearance, quarterback Cam Newton remains the charismatic star around whom the Panthers revolve.” The channel also added that Newton’s best team members comprise the versatile running back Christian McCaffrey and evergreen All-Pro linebacker Luke Kuechly. There is also this mix of skilled rookies who are equally ambitious to prove themselves, alongside several veteran experts who understand that this season is their last chance. The series describes how the players, staff, head coach, and owner join hands to traverse a challenging path.

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