Chinese woman cut man penis off

Chinese woman cut man penis off

The loss of penis

Chinese woman cut man penis off |Fan Lung an unfaithful person in China who had his penis cut  by his wife. And when he was admitted in hospital and recovered about back his penis.But the bad luck his same wife came back and cut off by his wife and wife threw it out of the window. Because she would not want to see it again.

“The reports says that he was offered a lot of money to act with a porn star woman ,thus he cheated his wife “by mirror.

Porn Star Company

Now porn star company offers his deepest condolences and offered him that:

The recovery of penis:

“We will cover the costs of production and distribution and you would keep 100% of the proceeds. Our intention is to help you financially through this incredibly delicate time but to also help you to restore your sexual confidence. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that being intimate on camera can function as a liberating and effective form of therapy. We hope this generous offer will provide you with the incentive to pursue this path towards recovery.”

Porn Star Sex:

Now Fen Lung has been awaited to respond this offer but the response totally depends upon Lung and may be he would accept the offer for two or one reason :

one may be he would work for money or the other to have sex before camera or both.

man cheated a woman:

This bad story really amazing happened in china where this kind of love could prevail a lot or so much devoting and caring wife had this bad guy. But the story got so much renowned around the china as this kind of incident happened little in our locality as we see this world a lot of people who love their wives or girl friends and if they cheat them , this kind of punishment normally never happen.