Clock Spider Invention Arachnophobia Octopod

Clock Spider Invention MB&F LEPEE 1839 | Name clock spider extracts from clock and spider two different words but when it comes to invention,spider has similiarity of clock which every house has even every room in house.It is right to say here clock spider or spider clock.First time in history ,clock spider was invented in 1839 by company namely MB&F(Maximillian ,Busser and Friends) with inventions of Switzerland L’Epée 1839.Both invented Octopod clock and Arachnophobia clock inventions.They have shapes like clock spider.

Who Invented Clock Spider?

Clock Spider Meme

What does clock spider meme mean,where you have heard the term of clock spider urban legend?Right this moment are you thinking about clock spider bite or scary clock spider if yes, you are successful for “what are clock spider” and “clock spider invention “in surfing through internet world wide web .

Why Clock Spider term used for ?
When you search for the term of clock spider actually you are searching for spider , there you see also clock spider involved there in every website.It is not chance but it is really clock spider urban legend,it really means that a man has a long relationhip with spider taxonomy.People use spiders words to threaten other people that spiders would come and eat your body and soul.They were considered for sign of death.

Clock Spider Invention
But our question remain same for clock spider and clock spider invention.As time passed by , man has move himself to 3d transformation of digital watch.Today we have seen the companies namely MB&F and Lepee 1839 co-developed 3d based clocks which really look like spiders and its needles look spider legs.These modern clock spiders Arachnophobia and Octopod have their legend role in building human history and relationhip with spiders.

Clock Spider Invention and Fear

Now are you really afraid of clock spider bites or clock spider snopes or habitats of clock spider or in short phobia of spiders.This legend 3d based clock spiders invention would play a great role in making you flee away the fear and terror exists by spiders’ phobia in your mind.Now you can have it anywhere in your room as wall clock spider instead of simple one clock.

Clock Spider Invention And Habitats

Question solved for “where are clock spiders located” ? as they no longer live far apart from us , they live in our houses and they are our under kind control.Now matter whatsoever the bigger the size of clock spider,now they have become meaningless creatures in sense of fear and terror.People have control over the past legend of spiders.

Clock Spider Invention and Phobia

For removing fears from our eyes, we can see lot of resources found in internet like clock spider video,spider man video,urban legend Arachnophobia ,term derived from old character played in film also.

Clock Spider Invention And Clock Spiders Real
Second question “are clock spider real” , yes ,they are real but we are no more afraid of clock spiders bite and happy with clock spiders invention.First location of clock spider is Geneva ,the corporations namely L’epee 1839 and MB&F companies developed and designed respectively ,the structure of clock spider.

Clock Spider Invention Arachnophobia

Arachnophobia invented by Manufacture L’Epée 1839 and creative design based company MB&F:They have presented very extreme machine Arachnophobia .This eight legged clock spider telling machine is very costly and has 11 jewels ingrained in it.Arachnophobia monumental clock spider art of piece has been installed over different position of world.Arachnophobia,the art of piece is inspired by a giant spider sculputre namely
Maman that Busser has seen in Doha and Geneva that Maman was developed and created by Louise Bourgeois (1911 to 2010) in stainless stell ,marble and bronze.Arachnophobia monumental sculpture had measuring of 9.27 x 8.91 x 10.24 metres.

Clock spider ‘Arachnophobia’ structure is very elegant and stylish one as the head houses the regulator with its oscillating balance wheel and other end consists of main spring barrel end which results in movement.Highly efficiently designed eight articulated eggs visually attracting joining the ball and socket joints.
Very mechanical part of clock spider ‘Arachnophobia’ can be flattened and placed on desk etc.The company has Clock spider ‘Arachnophobia’ in two colors yellow gold or black .If we go to individual they may have their own sense of selecting the color but nature tends to go to black as it looks real 3d animated spider.

The diameter of Clock spider ‘Arachnophobia’
Arachnophobia ‘clock spider’ has diameter of 405 mm and legs extends full while hanging on the wall.

Clock spider ‘Arachnophobia’ Impression :
Very natural tonic for those who have phobia of spiders as they give real impression of horror or terror or both of them when someone is totall aghast of spider. Eight legged clock spider has very touching effect of real spider.

Clock spider Invention Arachnophobia: Major Technical Specifications

  1. Color :Yellow or Black
  2. Balance frequency: 18,000 bph / 2.5Hz
  3. Total components: 218
  4. Jewels: 11
  5. Power reserve: 8 days
  6. Incabloc shock protection system
  7. Winding: key winding and setting on underside of clock
  8. Dimensions: 203 mm in height (legs extended); clock diameter (legs flat) 405 mm;
  9. Movement dimensions 75.3 x 134.9 x 63.8 mmWeight: gold-plated version 1.96 kg; black version 0.98 kg
  10. Hours and minutes: curved hands rotated to display hours and minutes on a polished, central dome featuring MB&F’s signature numerals.


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Clock Spider Invention Octopod

Octopod is conceived by MB&F and built by L’Epée 1839 .It can stand or crouches thanks ot its eight articulated legs terminology.The head part of Octopod is dynamically gives impression of terror if felt so.Crystalline sphere part of Octopod appears to be floating or waving in water or space.Real imaginative part of camouflage.


Clock Spider Invention Octopod Time Machine Major Specification:

  1. Jewels: 19
  2. DISPLAY :Hours, minutes and finely counter-balanced regulator mounted on minute hand.
  3. ENGINE :L’Epée in-house designed and manufactured movement
  4. LEGS :8 legs each composed of 31 pieces
  5. Components movement: 159
  6. Components (body, legs and sphere): 309
  7. Baseplate in transparent glass, anti-reflective coating both sides
  8. Balance frequency: 2.5 Hz / 18,000 bph
  9. Power reserve: 8 days from single barrel
  10. Manual-winding: the double-depth square socket key sets time and winds movement
  11. BODY/FRAME :Frame: Stainless steel, nickel and palladium plated brass
  12. DIMENSIONS :Dimensions: 28 cm long x 28 cm high (standing); 45 cm long x 22 cm high (crouching)
  13. WEIGHT:Weight: 4.2 kg
  14. SPHERE :360° rotation in both vertical and horizontal planes with 3 sand-blasted and satin-finished brass rings. Two polycarbonate hemispheres joined by a satin-finished three-piece band.

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MB&F company industry perspective of watch making was was founded in 2005 .It has headquaters in Geneva,Switzerland,Key owners of Maximilian,Busser,
And Friend Serge Kriknoff.

Who is Maximilian Büsser | Clock Spider Invention

Maximilian Büsser after doing his graduation with master degree in micro technology engineering ,was appointed in management team for a period of
seven years.Maximilian Büsser was there managing director of Harry Winston Rare Timepieces in the period of 1998.With his untiring efforts,he made tremendous
changes in company to make peaks in it.Beginning period of 1998 and ending period of 2005 had many great experiments and experiences in himself also.
After resigning from company ,he formed MB&F – Maximilian Büsser & Friends.

Boulevard Helvétique 22
1207 Geneva

The premier top watch making company L’EPEE 1839 | Clock Spider Invention
Over the stoy of 178 years, L’EPEE 1839 is busy in making top watch company and recently it has transformed itself into 3d base top watch company.
It has built and developed Creative Art Destination Moon,Balthazar,Requiem,Sherman,Bad Sherman,Starfleet Machine,Startfleet Machine Blackbadger,Melchior,Vanitas other than Octopod And Arachnophobia creative clocks.

L’EPEE 1839 Address
Rue saint Maurice 1
2800 Delémont
(+41) 032 421 94 00