COLORADO SPIDERS | Spiders in Colorado do not pose a threatening risks in houses and out doors but very bad thing ,we face webs in our houses as we do not want them make webs but it is natural where they live ,they would have webs.Now it is going to be scary one when there are more webs and what guests would feel if they see them in
our houses so it is so much annoying thing.

Colorado spider scientific classification :
Colorado spiders belong to kingdom of Animalia,Colorado spiders have family of Salticidae and consist of order Araneae and classing belonging to Arachnida.

How to control spiders or pests,there are hundred of pests companies exist in Colorado ,which have experts in killing spiders or pests.Spiders in Colorado , they are listed below:

Name of Colorado spiders list

  1. Jumping spiders (Salticidae)
  2. Funnel weaver spiders (Agelenidae)
  3. Ground spiders (Gnaphosidae)
  4. Cobweb spiders/House spiders (Theridiidae)
  5. Yellow sac spiders (Miturgidae)
  6. Dysdera crocata (Wood Louse Hunter)
  7. Wolf spiders (Lycosidae)
  8. Cellar spiders (Pholcidae)
  9. Black widow spiders
  10. Tarantula Spiders
  11. Banded garden spiders
  12. Brown Recluse Spiders

Jumping spiders | Colorado Spiders

Jumping spider has family of Salticidae contains more than 5800 species and more than 600 genera.Jumping spiders habitats are scrub lands,intertidal zones,deserts and moutain regions.Jumping spiders have 4 eyes and their vision is smart one.These spiders are active hunters can jump many times the length of their bodies.Their hunting style if compared other spiders have a little bit different style as the jumping abilities make it to jump easily anywhere.

Funnel web spiders | Colorado Spiders

Funnel web spiders most common found spiders in Colorado ,they live in thick grass,shrubs and at the end of building cornors.Funnel web spiders have little fiddle marking on the back or may be they have not fiddle marking on the back.Interestingly saying that they have four eyes,Funnel web spiders are active and fast one.

Yellow Sac Spiders | Colorado Spiders

Yellow Sac Spiders Scientific classification

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Arachnida
Order: Araneae
Phylum: Arthropoda
Family: Eutichuridae
Genus: Cheiracanthium

Yellow Sac Spiders have Species

  1. Erraticum
  2. Inclusum
  3. Lawrencei
  4. Japonicum
  5. Mildei
  6. Punctorium
  7. Mordax
  8. Virescens and many more !

Yellow sac spiders have pale color and have abdomen.Both male and female sexes range size from 5mm to 10 mm.They are attracted to smell of volatiles in gasoline. Yellow Sac Spiders distribution live not only in Colorado but also they live in South Africa ,Japan ,Europe ,Japan and Australia.They live also in mostly lower mountains parts of British Columbia,Canada.Yellow sac spiders venom is not so much narcotic and there is great dispute in venom effects.

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Ground spiders | Colorado Spiders

Ground spiders scientific classification:
Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Arachnida
Order: Araneae
Phylum: Arthropoda
Family: Gnaphosidae
Ground spiders have nearly 2000 species and more than 100 genera and they are distributed all over the world. Ground spiders is cosidered the largest known spiders.
Ground spiders include genera Cesonia,Zelotes,Drassodes and Gnaphosa. Ground spiders venom is nor reported dangerous and harmful to human.Groud spiders live under logs and rocks and they emerge to hunt.It is proven thing that they harmless to humans.

Cobweb spiders | Colorado Spiders

Cobweb spiders Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Cobweb spiders/House spiders (Theridiidae) is considered larger family of spiders,they have other names like comb footed spiders,tangle web spider and cob web spiders.They have more than 2200 species and consists more than 100 genera.The genus Latrodectus spider are medically important.Cobweb spiders family Therdiidae is largest family in this genera.

 Wood louse hunter spider| Colorado Spiders

Wood louse hunter spider scientific classification:
Suborder: Araneomorphae
Species:D. crocata

Dysdera crocata (Wood Louse Hunter) have many names like sowbug killer, woodlouse hunter, sowbug hunter,pillbug hunter and slater spider.Wood louse hunter spider distributions are South America,South Africa,New zealand.Wood louse hunter spider male size is about 10 to 15 mm,female has size of 15 to 30 mm,they have dark red cephalothroax legs and yellow brown belly abdomen.

Wolf spiders | | Colorado Spiders

Wolf spiders Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia

It is common that they do not produce a web circle to prey as they are called active hunters and wolf spiders if they are larger species ,they may be taken for tarantula spiders.
Female wolf spiders carry her eggs sac attached to her bodies.It is observed wolf spiders are considered shy and bashful as compared to spiders but name suggests that they may be dangerous but they are lesser.wolf spiders have family of Lycosidae and belongs to kindom of Animalia.

Black widow spiders | Colorado Spiders

Black widow spiders Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Black widow spiders bodies range form 3 to 10 mm ,it is rare case that some female black widow spider have bodies of 13 mm.Female bodies are more paler than male bodies pale color.Male widow spiders have red spits or no marking at all on their bodies.
Black widow spider sexual strange behavior female eats the male after mating but is less rare cases in which female eat male one after mating but mostly it is not there.
It is observed also where in laboratory cage, it was experimented that where male determines first if female one has already eaten male one after mating and tries to avoid from mating,if male one is doubtful of being eaten and secondly male black widow spider
has no way of escape.Although these are non-aggressive spiders, they will bite to defend themselves.
Black widow spider ‘s venom
Black widow spiders have latrotoxin in their venom and they are dangerous and may cause systemic and abdominal effects on body .Their bites may cause bdominal cramps,muscle spasms,hyperhidrosis and tachycardia.It has been reported that their bites effects may vary from 3 to 12 days.Each year about 2500 people have been reported with black widow spiders and they had recovered with 24 hours .

Tarantula Spiders

Tarantula Spiders Scientific classification

Kingdom: Animalia

As discussed above ,Tarantula Spiders belong to family of Theraphosidae and 900 species have been discoverd under this family.Tarantula Spiders live in ground or trees.Tarantula Spiders produce silk.Tarantula Spiders size range from 1 to 4 inches.They have leg spans of 8 to 30 cm.Their some species may weigh upto or over 85 gram.Tarantula Spiders distribution mainly exist in colorado ,united states,South america and central America.Some species of Tarantula spiders live also in Cyprus,Italy,Portual ,Spain and Italy.
The biggest tarantulas spider may some time kill and eat bats,birds,lizards and mice including small invertebrates.

Tarantula Spiders have Subfamilies listed below:

  1. Acanthopelminae
  2. Spelopelminae
  3. Stromatopelminae
  4. Theraphosinae
  5. Thrigmopoeinae
  6. Aviculariinae
  7. Poecilotheriinae
  8. Eumenophorinae
  9. Harpactirinae
  10. Ischnocolinae
  11. Ornithoctoninae
  12. Selenocosmiinae
  13. Selenogyrinae

Cellar spiders (Pholcidae) | Colorado Spiders

Cellar spiders (Pholcidae) Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Cellar spiders are known as daddy long legged spiders,grand daddy spiders,carpenter spiders,daddy long -leggers,vibrating spiders.

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Cellar spiders appearance
Their bodies range from 2-10 mm in length and may upto 50 mm long.Both Smeringopus and Pholcus have cylindrical abdoments and their eyes adapted like two lateral groups.Both six and eight eyed spiders exist in this genera.Their bodies resemble peanut,their colors vary like brown or gray or clear brown.Cellar spiders habitats exist in Antarctica as it is too cold there.They prefer to live there in messy ,tangled and irregular webs.Their webs built in damp and dark processes.Cellar spiders are Pholcids quite live normally in dry places and warm places.

Brown reculuse spider | Colorado Spiders

Brown reculuse spider Scientific classification

Kingdom: Animalia
Species:L. reclusa
Brown reculuse spider known also for Loxosceles Reclusa has necrotic venom and when they bite , serious medical attention is requied. Brown reculuse spider has size length between 6 to 20 mm even cases of larger than 20 mm reported.Brown reculuse spider have other names like brown fiddler or violin spider or fiddle back spider.
Bites from Brown reculuse spider have been reported in Colorado,Kansas,Oklahoma,Arkansas , Texas and California.
If brown spiders bite any human,infected person must use ice pack to control inflammation and try your best to get medical assistance and if possible take specific spider which bit you for identification.Medical assistance may include surgical excision,ativenom,curettage,electric shock,hyperbaric oxygen ,dapsone,antibiotics,dextran etc.Normally infected bit places may get soon recovered itself.Brown reculuse spider distribution Indiana ,Ohio,Illinois ,Colorado and Southern states.
Banded Garden Spider Argiope trifasciata | Colorado Spiders
Females Banded Garden Spider are larger than male ones.They have silvery legs with bandsed in yellow and black spots.You can find them in garden,meadows,fields in end of summer.They build circular webs near to ground weeds and grasses.

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