Could not create directory in wordpress and installation failed


Could not create directory in wordpress and installation failed


Problem of plugin cannot be installed in wordpress if comes , there follows a tricky way

What should i do now if plugin cannot be installed in directory this problem comes when you do not have full access to your hosting account etc.

Write the following line in your wp-config.php file
and if the problem of wordpress could not install plugin exists then follow the following procedure.
1- Change the permissions for the wp-content and plugins folders:
sudo chmod 777 Your_wordpress_root_folder/wp-content
sudo chmod 777 Your_wordpress_root_folder/wp-content/plugins
change it
sudo chmod 777 Your_wordpress_root_folder/wp-content/themes
if there problem comes if wordpress theme is not installable .
2- Install the plug-in, it should work fine.
To change back the permission for protecting the wordpress contents and plug-in, otherwise you can leave it as is if the security is not a big concern :
4. change back the original permission :
sudo chmod 751 Your_wordpress_root_folder/wp-content
sudo chmod 751 Your_wordpress_root_folder/wp-content/plugins
And if your problem is not solved then download ssh plugin and upload it maually in your server and configure the settings.
Normally today servers have the functionality of ssh , so disable it if any of above methods are not working and keep in mind to revert it back to its actual settings so that security measures may not be disturbed.
And again your problem is not solved , then do upload manually and activate the plugin in your wordpress settings.

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