I get the jitters when the critters start a crawlin all around,
A flyin & a slitherin, not makin ary sound.

The spiders n the scorpions, the centipede-es too,
Work night n day to find a way, to make my home-life blue.

When I see a snake, I get the rake, or maybe get my shovel,
And if he’s lackadazical, Ol sneaky, he’s in trouble.

But what I really hate the most, is walkin smak dab in a web,
Not knowin where that spider is, and if he’s on my head.

So, spring is nice n pretty n I like those April Showers,
But isn’t there another way, to pollinate the flowers?

I know we need the honey bees, to work for us in spring,
But if ya stumble in a nest, those fellows sure can sting.

Now I’ve lived in out in the country, friend, pert near all my days.
And I’m pretty much in tune, with mother nature’s ways.

but give me bears, or wolves, or lions, something I can see.
And keep yur little creepy critters, like those hoppin, chompin fleas.

–Rudy Aguirre
Tulsa, Oklahoma