What is the Difference Between Different Social Media

What is the Difference Between Different Social Media

Different social media networks have their own roles and we cannot deny their importance on their own verge and benefits.
there are many social social media sites are working and playing their role at vast. and each is going forward and at fast pace for being one of top of all.

Now let’s come to the topic what main features they are providing us as per Google+ is delivering its users many features as adding more connects (friends to social networks). it is itself a light site if compared to other networks of social.it is providing to its users easy to use “tabs ” and understandable and optimizing users posts to public is more advanced and fast with full of ajax features.

Now let’s come to facebook that ‘s has a more importance for people as it was launched first and vast majority is using it because of their already connected people on the facebook.

The one limit which facebook applies to its uses for limited number of connects(friends adding to social networks)but facebook api, gaming and many more things i like the most .

Let’s come to linkedin , it is also social networking site and going most around the professionals ; it is a platform for professionals who are serious about their business and they are delivering their skills among themselves by describing themselves who are they an what they can do and more !

Let’s come to twitter , it is growing so fast among internet community that we cannot help praising its working and ease of use.
it is message type platform ; one feature  i like its following and followers , old is gold saying. self describing features and much more ! professional environment for professional people . really they are serious about your business and most important about blog !

Let’s come to pinterest : Nice platform with api features and with great web services and delivering its contents of its users to the social networks with great functions ; i like api features the most !

Stumble upon : it is trying its best to delivering its contents more fast
delious, digg etc. are on the way to move forward and adopting the strategy “never stop behind others”.