what is difference between web application and website


What is difference between web application and web development
As both have their own significant meaning now the world is changing from static to dynamic now to moving web application here i want to elaborate these terms static means which have no interaction with server connectivity .when user clicks anything on the website .it just moves to the user what is predefined from web administrator as for example when a user click on a button it simply leads to new page or other link etc.
Now we come to the term dynamic it means that it has a great connectivity with server. As when user does anything , requests first goes to server and that requests are generated by the user.
when server sees the requests , it acts accordingly.
Now we come to the big term of web application (web apps) the technology is evolving through; now the big term of web apps come and prevailed over the internet with what she has minimum to maximum providing the user what she can give it to user.

Today the internet world consists of interactive world where we do less and get more. Big example of these are google plus, linkedin, facebook application and thousads more and they are not stopping themselves and growing more and more !
Web application means that the user would do little work accordingly ; and he would get results accordingly the user needs no kind of activity , web application would try itself to provide the best results to the user for results which the user have choosen for the web application.
The example of this we are automatically getting updates in linked to whichever group we have joined
there are thousands of thousands examples are there on internet and we are now well conscious of them.

In short, what i say that it is not of 100% as technology is evolving , so let us see what we get the definition of 10 year or more or less !
thanks for reading !