Discoveries Spider Poem By Sally A Bayan Dec 2016

Discoveries Spider Poem By Sally A Bayan Dec 2016

Sally A Bayan Dec 2016
On days, when time is going too fast,
I can’t catch up, and there’re things i can’t get past,
I’d pull a chair at the verandah….just sit there
To witness, the gentler goings on in life…
See, how…why all plants face towards the sun,
On a dimly lit corner, watch a spider patiently spin its web,
Underneath the gravel and green grass, somehow,
The earthworm, painstakingly, bravely emerges,
Finds its way out of the soil…to remind us,
“…soil is healthy….it’s time to plant!”

I feel, the beetle knows me, as it inches on,
Carrying its own body, crawling down the pine tree,
I won’t ever grasp it, nor tie a string on its body
To control its range of movement,
As we do to tethered beasts of burden…

While sitting there, i decide: by all means,
Towards the flower pot, i lean
Take time to smell a rose, feel its rough leaf
Not just a quick touch and sniff
But hold its thorny body, without daring to blink
While deep within, i’d let its fragrance sink

Some early evenings
When the cicadas’ music are echoing
And the moths have started flying
Circling round the light at the ceiling,
I am warned…soon, it will be raining
And…..when it starts to rain, i keep listening
Til i’m soothed by the sound of rain…falling,
From sky to treetops…..flowing…landing
Next to the leaves……cascading down
To the concrete ground
Spreading quickly, far and deep…and as fate,
As nature would have it….the soil, without fail, waits…

Long time ago, we were small,
Curious and brave, we tasted glory, and all,
Armed with a child’s innocence
And an insatiable hunger for learning…
Our eyes, our minds dilated,
Our brains were like sponge…
Like the soil…..we absorbed
All, that we discovered…


Copyright December 1, 2016
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
(Once in a while, we can be a child….right?)