GIANT BLACK WIDOW SPIDER | Giant Black Widow Spider bite consists mostly of latrotoxin because of it may cause systemic effects in victim body like hyperhidrosis,muscle pain,muscle spasms,abdominal cramps and tachycardia.

Black Widow Spider Prank Video

Tow guys in this video are playing with spider ,first one of them caught and brought it to home and kept in a glass wide jar.Suddenly it bit on his hand ,guy threw it in the air , other guy hit it with a bat but sorry to first prey as mesh of spider spread over his mouth.Anyhow it is prank video.

But serious thing is you must avoid to do so in real as spider bite may cause serious damage to victim body.

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Black Widow Heal Period

Giant Black Widow Spider bite may tak 4 to 7 days for recovery but it has been reported it may be healed in several weeks.News said that about 2200 to 2500 hundred cases have been reported by bite of black widow spider.And mostly they have been recovered from black giant black widow bite.If you do find a black giant black widow ,do not touch it or grab it as it is really harmful and may cause serious injury to your health and body.

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Red Back Black Widow Spider Knows As
In Australia,the most common species of its kind is redback giant black widwo spider called Latrodectus hasselti.The primary predator of Giant Black Widow Spider us blue mud dauber commonly known as wasp.
People of world shoud be aware of black widow spider ,but relaxation to people of Antarctica:less deweling place around the globe.They are famous as northern Latrodectus variolus, western Latrodectus hesperus,southen Latrodectus mactands in America.Spider snopes or spiders bites may affects your body at great length.

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