Hangman’s Curse Movie Reviews Business Budget

Hangman’s Curse Movie Reviews Business Budget

Hangman’s Curse Movie was directed by Rafal Zielinski and screen played by Screenplay by Stan Foster and Kathy Mackel.

Hangman’s Curse Movie was produced by names:

  1. Bobby Neutz
  2. Frank Peretti
  3. Steve Buhai
  4. Kelly Neutz
  5. Jerry Rose
  6. Rich Cowan
  7. Ralph Winter
  8. Joe Goodman

Hangman’s Curse film novel was written by Frank Peretti. Main starring of Hangman’s Curse movie are:

  1. Daniel Farber
  2. William R. Moses
  3. David Keith
  4. Mel Harris
  5. Leighton Meester
  6. Douglas Smith
  7. Frank Peretti

Hangman’s Curse movie cinematography was done by Dan Heigh and Music by David Bergeaud respectively.
Hangman’s Curse movie was edited by Tiffany Wallach and Mary Morrisey.

General Information about Hangman’s Curse movie:

Production company

North by Northwest Productions
Total Living Network
Namesake Entertainment
Running time
106 minutes
Country US
Language English
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date
September 12, 2003 (US)
Budget $2,000,000
Box office $168,406

Hangman’s Curse Movie film stars Leighton Meester, David Keith, Mel Harris and Douglas Smith, with an appearance by author and Northwest local Peretti.Hangman’s Curse Movie is a 2003 awfulness tension film in light of the 2001 Christian novel Hangman’s Curse composed by Forthright Peretti.

The taping occurred in Spokane, Washington, with inside and outside shots of John R. Rogers Secondary School.
Extra outside shots were recorded at adjacent Riverside State Stop, and also Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Hangman’s Curse Movie Plot:

Quick forward to the present day, when a few understudy football players are strangely winding up gravely sick. Just before falling into a state of extreme lethargy, every casualty is heard shouting the soul’s name, Abel Frye. With an end goal to get to the base of the frequenting, the school turns for help to the Veritas Undertaking, a group of very prepared examiners who work covert to disentangle reality about paranormal exercises.


The film is set at John R. Rogers Secondary School in Spokane, Washington. Ten years earlier, understudy Abel Frye, a casualty of harassing, had conferred suicide by hanging himself on the school property.he Veritas Task comprises of the individuals from the Springfield family, including mother Sarah , girl Elisha ,father Nate (David Keith), and child Elijah.



In striking back for the tormenting and abuse dispensed on the distinctive understudies, Blossom claims vindicate on the prevalent football players.In dread of being found, Sprout endeavors to keep his inclusion in the frequenting covered up by harming both himself and Elisha with a creepy crawly, trusting that they will both kick the bucket.

Elijah makes sense of that Sprout is behind the vile assaults in the school, he races to discover his sister and the Springfield family hurry to teacher and researcher Dr. Algernon Wheeling who spares Elisha with an antidote. At last, the understudies at Rogers Secondary School are shielded from frequenting and mischief from others, as well as from the damage expedited by their own particular scorn and dread, also.

Sprout incidentally puts an extra female creepy crawly in one of the straws, which brings about a great many fatal arachnids surpassing the school. Elisha Springfield, going to the school covert as an understudy, in the long run makes sense of the puzzle and the insidious plot outlined by Norman Blossom.

Clueless domineering jerk ventures into his locker, the holding up male creepy crawly is effortlessly pulled in to the pheromones, and after that slithers out and chomps the understudy. Among the impacts of the poison, the influenced understudies encounter pipedreams, trusting that the apparition of Abel Frye is after them.

Hangman’s Curse Movie Cast:

  1. Daniel Farber as Norman Bloom
  2. Edwin Hodge as Blake Hornsby
  3. Andrea Morris as Crystal Sparks
  4. William R. Moses as Coach Marquardt
  5. Margaret Travolta as Debi Wyrthen
  6. Tom Wright as Dan Carillo
  7. Frank Peretti as Dr. Algernon Wheeling
  8. David Keith as Nate Springfield
  9. Mel Harris as Sarah Springfield
  10. Leighton Meester as Elisha Springfield
  11. Douglas Smith as Elijah Springfield
  12. Jake Richardson as Ian Snyder
  13. Bobby Brewer as Leonard Baynes

Hangman’s Curse Movie Critical Study:

Hangman’s Curse Movie got negative reviews mostly.Rotten Tomatoes gave the film an approval rating of 0% based on six reviews, with an average rating of 2.9/10.

Some Christian reviewers were more lenient, with Christian Spotlight on Entertainment giving the film three out of five stars.

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