How To Avoid Self Destructive Beliefs

How To Avoid Self Destructive Beliefs

Always cherish positive beliefs in yourself and never approach negative means to gain success in your life.we can see big examples of these which recently developed by great heroes in technologies world as

facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg

microsoft owner Bill Gates

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And there are many other and countless heroes who made their own life and destiny by approaching positive and constant efforts.
Second thing we are normally fast enough to gain our success in fast way but this is not the secret in our success gain approach.Avoid yourself from self destructive beliefs why people think negatively.Self destructive beliefs from childhood each and every one of us throughout our formative years and finally in adulthood -weaves our own intricate web of self concept these beliefs are not innate
but born in response to every thought and experience and every humiliation and triumph and win we experience each of us has developed a self identity concerning every talent , every characteristic and every situation in which we might find ourselves.

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This vision and light in which we see ourselves is constructed in response to external influences and stimuli.
All significant experiences in our lives affect how we view ourselves.
the process of interaction with the external world and reflection on our performance and provide the basics of our self concepts both wonder us how well we  think we did and how well others affirm we did have great influence on our beliefs.

How to compare with others:

We also compare ourselves to the performance , attributes and accomplishments and achievements or lack thereof of those people around us. This is the main reason ;this minor influence affect on our lives.
Why we feel that we are less important than others  this feeling arises when we are constantly comparing ourselves with others  without knowing this thing or reality that they are far bigger or have other kind of provisions in shape of money
or resources which at present we do not have.
Now it is our responsibility to avoid these kind of self destructive beliefs as they would make us reach no ending turn of our life.
Otherwise it would create negative influences on our lives.

Effects of bad beliefs on our mind:

According to Freudian psychoanalysis , it is within the
subconscious that pressed memories of negativity are stored:
what affect the more on our memory:
memories of bad experiences that vastly affect our conscious behavior , that would great impose a great impact our life where the roots of self destructive beliefs then rise from our sub-conscious.

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The effects which they create on our life that create a bar or hurdle on our life that hinder them from their potentials.
Negative beliefs are our personal created beliefs that really affect our life a great.
The fact is that we remain unaware of them but constantly we are indulging in them automatically without warning this thing that they are constantly affecting our life.
This negative element is like a disease that we do not know its impact but we are suffering from it ;how to avoid these negative self destructive beliefs is that
a healthy mind can be found in healthy body.

How to avoid self destructive beliefs

how to avoid negative thoughts

Try not to be alone and enjoy socials company and find sincere friends in your life.

Be simple in your life and never approach those things which are negative as this is the first step or initial stage that create negative beliefs afterwards always
bearing in subconscious and covering a major part of subconscious afterwards affecting  our life.
Simple principle to be happy always and forgive others as not forgiving others would be creating a rent free space in your mind; we are human prone to errors.
And it is natural law that ups and downs come in our life but we never lose heart in trying again and again as this is the philosophy of success and a great measure against self destructive or negative beliefs.

How to avoid negative thoughts

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