5 Secrets of Motivation | HOW TO BE SELF MOTIVATED

HOW TO BE SELF MOTIVATED |So how do you stay motivated OR get motivated for that length of time?

Many of us linger, making a little here and a little there. We chase after this opportunity for a while they go off in another direction to see if you can make money at another chance.

It becomes a terrible cycle. Going from one thing to another… fighting to keep going. And often, we fall and lose the little motivation we did have and sink into depression or wander around aimlessly looking for answers that never come.

The problem so many people have is they don’t quite understand what motivation even is or where to get it… Do you? Do you think it is a secret formula that you will discover……………… Someday?

How much have you sacrificed?

 How much are you going to have to sacrifice?

Sometimes we have to struggle and sacrifice for a long time to get what we want in life. If any of you have gone to college, you’ll know what I’m talking about…

Years of studying long hours and spending the money to go to school, not knowing what lies after…

I had to sacrifice A LOT to learn what I needed to become a force online and to build a business that could bring me in enough money to live off of comfortably. You may have to as well!

We can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel many times… we have to ignore all the right things happening around us to focus on something that we can’t even touch yet… and don’t know with 100% certain it will also occur…

How do you stay motivated? | HOW TO BE SELF MOTIVATED

Some of us don’t have the support system we require to encourage us to keep going…

Is your wife or family not really behind you?

They often don’t even understand what you’re doing online and just wish you’d get a real job or focus on making money offline in your regular job and want you to spend the rest of the time doing chores around the house or relaxing with your friends and family.They see you spending hours upon hours in front of the computer, but there is nothing to show for it. No money anyway…

Are you accused of ignoring your responsibilities offline?

Could you be making more money if you weren’t online?

Are you a financial burden on your family and can you not convince others that what you are doing is even going to pay off?

How do you stay motivated under these conditions? 


It is effortless to want to give up and count yourself as a failure… to mope, cry and let it affect everything in your life when you can’t get the business moving and making money.

It isn’t effortless to concentrate. It isn’t effortless to do anything at all…

I am going to provide you some answers here that will help you get your arms around how to get and stay motivated… even with all the pressures in your environment and the world working against you.

And motivation to do what’s required!

I know you don’t want to hear this… you are content listening to all the people out there that tell you that you can do this, this and this and make a lot of money!

I got news for you… it’s not that easy. You will struggle… you will sweat.

All the people you see having success online… struggled and failed along the way…

It’s hard work starting and sustaining an online business. Are you up to the task?

Things are going to happen that will make it challenging to stay on course.

1. You may hook up with the wrong Joint Venture partner and lose a lot

of money…

2. You may have computer problems… loss of data.

3. You may need money to get the tools you need to accomplish what

you need to achieve… but don’t have the money.

4. You may end up buying a lot of stuff that doesn’t make a dent in your business… promises to help, but doesn’t help one bit… you buy this product and that because someone told you to, but it doesn’t help. It might have diverted your attention, and you are further behind than you were!

5. You may find an opportunity that requires a lot of time and energy but ends up doing nothing for you.

6. You may get distracted by forum activities… you can easily get caught up or even addicted to socializing online. And you spin your wheels…

These are just a handful of things that can set you back or make things challenging for you.

How do you get through all this? How do you stay motivated?

There are monsters around every corner. People are waiting to take your money and run to convince you that you need their product to succeed.

You will be bombarded with Emails from lists you don’t even remember signing up for promising riches if you sign up for their seminar!

How to handle the problem easily

So through all this, you have to control your emotions and psychological tendencies.

One day you will be up. Maybe you made a big sale… or your first sale! And then a few days later you are grumbling and miserable because you can’t replicate it or… you suffered a loss or set back of some kind.

This can happen for weeks, months, or even years…

When I was heavy into selling insurance, I knew I had to make so many phone calls to set so many appointments. I knew I had to go to so many meetings to make so many sales…

In Adwords, I know I have to put up around ten campaigns promoting affiliate programs to get to a winner… I know that! So the nine losers are just part of the routine…

So that’s how you deal with failure… You learn to like it and embrace it. That is how everyone grows and learns… Even the experts and gurus out there have failed… they probably fail daily, but it’s the BIG winners that accumulate and make them productive!

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