how to get extra traffic to website


How to increase website traffic

First write a unique article and post to these websites and link them back to your site.
Writing a article to one’s own website really appreciating and it would really appreciating if it is written in seach engines strategy.
Google keyword is very nice tool for writing a article where common search words can be found there as they boost up our article and get our webiste top rank
For this we can create different blogs on blogspot and others and link them back to our site, that would be increasing really on your site.
First principle keeping in mind related to seo is that you will be one there in google rank pages or others socials engines that would really need hardwork and tremendous seo strategy.

what should be link gaining speed

The speed of links appearing in a website is used for several spam prevention filters invented by search engines. For a new website it wouldn’t be advisable to get more than 100 links in the first month. This mean 2-3 links a day as an optimum way for first month.
Why? Because site has to grow slowly as it would do naturally.
Next month the number of links can be grown at speed of 3-5 links per day.
On third month up to 5-10 links a day can be added.

Linking Strategy for Search Engine Optimization

How to get extra traffic to website

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