How To Get Rid Of Muscles Pain

How To Get Rid Of Muscles Pain

How to relax muscles

When you face elevated shoulder muscle

There follow some steps for relaxing your muscles:
step no 1:
When you face elevated shoulder muscle
follow these steps:
1-Fix kneel on your left knee
2-Fix your right foot in front of you (your knee would be in bent shape)
3-Press forward slowly unless you feel stretch in your left hip.
4-Tight your butt on your left side unless you feel the front muscles of your hip are stretching easily.
5-Now take your left arm upward and spread it to right then if possible left side.
6-Take this excercise upto 60 seconds or 1 minute.
7- Do this process, 4 or 5 times.


pigeon toes pain:

steps for when you feel that knees are feeling pain:
1-Lie on one side with knees bent 90 degree and heels together.
2-keep your hips stand and still.
3-Now raise knee upward and downward , there must be gap of 10 seconds between each
4- Do this 10 or more times .

Exercise for shoulder daily:

1- Drop your chin down
2-Now stretch your back
3-Now move your shoulder right
4-Now move your shoulder left
5-Do this repetition 20 or more times a day

how to get rid of pain from shoulder back :

What you should do now when you feel muscles stiff and pain is there in the large part between shoulder and back.
1- Lie on the floor and your face must be downard
2-Now take your arms upto 90 degrees angle.
3-Raise both of your arms together by pushing shoulders back and forward.
4-Do this 10 times or more

this may be a little bit position not exact one:


1- Lie straight and relax your body at 0 degree.
2- Now raise your feet upward together.
3- Now put your feet together up the rolling ball.
4- Now pull the boll towards your body while your both knee must be together
5- Now back the ball upto stretch where your both feet go together with the ball .
6- Do this process 20 times and repeat this 10 times a day.

My ribs under chest upto shoulder blade are not working well .

Follow these steps:
1- sit in the chair
2- Hands to side hips and arms straight.
3- Palms down on the seat.
4- Now raise your chest body upward with deep breathe and back it after 15 seconds.
5- Do this repetition 20 times or more a day.