How to hack facebook by phishing

Hacking Facebook by Phishing

1. Download the ACTION.PHP and HTML file from any one of the given link
2. Open the HTML File in Notepad
Press CTRL+F and search ‘ACTION’
It appears like this:
Replace only with your site.
3. Now go ahead and sign up at
4. After signing up, go to File Manager.
5. Next, go to HT Docs, delete the existing files (ACTION.PHP and other HTML files).
6. Now first upload your Edited HTML Page (INDEX.HTML) and next the PHP File.
7. Give your website to your friends and they will login thinking its their Facebook Login Page, but we know this is a fake one.
8. When they click on login, they will be redirected to a Facebook page of ours.
9. You can change the page where you want them to be redirected.
Go to HT Docs and edit ACTIONS.PHP file, replace the given site with any site of your choice, this will be the site where the victim will be redirected.