How to make directory in linux

How to make directory in linux

1. mkdir name

mkdir- make directories

2. Synopsis for mkdir

3. Frequently used options for mkdir
-m, --mode=MODE
    set permission mode (as in chmod),
    not rwxrwxrwx - umask
-p, --parents
    no error if existing, make parent
    directories as needed

4. Media

5. Examples of mkdir

Creating directory in the Linux environment is very simple task. Let’s create directory named “dir1”:

mkdir dir1

mkdir - create directory
mkdir command can take more arguments. For example we can take two directories with only one command:

mkdir dir2 dir3

mkdir - create two directories
mkdir command can also create entire directory tree. By using -p option mkdir will also create parent directories if required:

mkdir -p dir4/dir4.1

mkdir - create parent directories
By default mkdir creates directory with permissions set by umask. To force mkdir to create directory with different permissions the -m option can be used. For example to create directory with [[chmod | permissions]] 744 we can issue following command:

mkdir -m 744 dir5

mkdir - create directory and set permissions
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