HowTo Recover Hair Loss

HowTo Recover Hair Loss

One of the things that you never want to hear is:

You seem to have lost a lot of hair and your hairline is receding! Are you balding?’

(Yes friends can be cruel sometimes!)

The hair loss cure is possible if proper care is there to exercise and after few weeks that you have natural hair.

Well…I never thought I would ever hear that, but it happened around a month back (when I knew I had a hair problem but was in complete denial). I have realised that over the last year or so, I seem to have lost a significant amount of hair – to the point where my scalp sometimes, undeniably shines through my thin patch of hair. The words were very disheartening, as in the past, I constantly received complements on my hair. It was the glory crown of my head. But then…things took a turn…for worse…
Girls hair loss examples:

alopia hair loss example:

girl hair loss

Initially I thought it was a phase, maybe I was dreaming. I mean seriously, who loses their hair so young…but then reality kicked in. I couldn’t help but notice how I was shedding hair like a dog. I realised that at this rate, I might lose all my hair (very) soon.

Genetically, I feel I am a mixed bag. My dad in his 50’s has just started thinning out, whereas my cousins on my mom side, have reported similar shedding experiences to me. I feel it could be partially genetic, and partially the stress/diet etc.

However, one of the things life has taught me, is to never give up (well, atleast not without a good fight). And so…I started researching online!

And one month into my journey…I have an update!

YES! My hair is growing back! and YES, I will share my tips with everyone!

So…what’s the treatment? And is it expensive?

Searching ‘hair loss products’ on google will flood you with endless, expensive and sometimes questionable products. I found something cheaper and healthier!

So what’s the remedy? Well…it’s just simply an oil massage! A hot oil massage to be exact!

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You see…my aunties have thick black hair, even though they are well into their 40s (possibly early 50s). And I have grown up watching them massaging their head atleast a few times a week. The younger generation, as in me and my cousins didn’t give any importance to it, and only saw it as an unnecessary chore, with unproven results. Well…this was until I started thinning out! And realised that the only true alternative (without harsh side effects) was a hair transplant treatment costing well over $10,000+.

So, I took their advice, and started researching online. For such things, I LOVE Amazon. I typed in ‘hair regrowth’ and was surprised by the number of positive reviews, some of the products had gotten.

Long story short, I had to give it a go (as it was my last resort), and hey…it worked. It actually FREKKIN worked. I mean…it’s still not a 100% (closer to 60% if I was to put a figure), but there is a significant improvement.
Treatment for hair loss

So this is what you need to buy…and do…

1. Vatika Coconut Hair Oil (enriched with Henna, Amla and Lemon)

how to recover hair loss

2. Wild Growth Hair Oil

3. Castor Oil (Tropic Isle Black Castor Oil – my recommendation)

4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Any decent brand would do)

5. Biotin Tablets 5000/10,000 mcg (Any decent brand would do)

(I generally avoid tablets as I don’t want to become a slave to them, but I felt I needed them, to kickstart things).

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The process for hair loss recovery:

Can I please recommend everyone who is genuinely interested/desperate/curious to go on AMAZON and read the lovely reviews people have posted for each of the products, I have listed.

My routine is simple:

1. Mix all the oils together (please note that wild growth and castor oil are very thick and require dilution with other oils), heat them up in a microwave, dip the end of fingers in the oil, and gently stroke the scalp with the fingers. Parting your hair generally works best. Rub your scalp with the fingers in a circular motion very gently and you will see minimal hair fall. Do this every night, before sleeping and shampoo your hair the next day for school/work etc.

2. Drink lots of water – The science is there guys. The more you drink, the more your body flushes.

3. One biotin tablet a day – Now these are tablets that specifically target the growth of nails and hair.

4. Nail rubbing exercise for 10-20 minutes. I think this can be better described through this link (mind the accent).

5. Sleep well – As in minimum 7-8 hours/day

I will update this blog post as I progress. In the meantime, please feel free to comment and share your thoughts 🙂

Stay healthy!

TIP 1: Keep your hair very short, as short hair falls less. Why? Longer hair gets tangled more and is heavier in weight. The weight of the hair can cause it to shed prematurely from its roots.

TIP 2: Whenever I wore a beanie for sleeping, after applying hair oil, I used to get a lot of hair fall. I realised that wearing a beanie (made of fleece) trapped the hair in its cloth. Now I don’t wear a beanie at all, and just sleep directly on the pillow (with its pillow sheet on). As a result I see minimal hair fall. The oil on the pillow sheet can be easily washed off!

UPDATE : So I have started noticing that the growth rate of my nails has definitely gone up. BUT…the hand that I use to apply oil to my scalp, has an even greater growth rate. As a result, my right hand nails are slightly longer than my left hand nails. I will post some pics soon!

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UPDATE: Nails are SUPER Strong!!

UPDATE: Here are the comparison pics (the last 2-3 weeks till today)
Recovery example of hair loss

3 weeks ago (oiled up):

Today (oiled up):

Today – 24/06/2014 (in the morning, after shower):

My nails as of today – 24/06/2014 (left hand on left and right hand on right):

My oil collection:

perfect hair examples:

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