how to remove a domain from google analytics


how to remove a domain from google analytics
That’s going to be an simple tutorial
just go to admin and click admin
it would show you 3 different panels
no 1: account  no 2: property no 3: view
Now first you must be sure of the relevant
account in which your domain exist .
Click the relevant account as if i am considering that
you have many and many domains as in in your account.
In case if you have only one domain
that would be your default google analytics account.
Now if you have multiple properties for
your domains .Select the relevant property of your  domain and click on would be possible when you click on property panel
there would be drop down .
Select your domain .
Now next ahead of it ,
There would be view panel
and right down there would be different options
view settings

user management
content grouping etc.
just click on view settings it would lead you further window  scroll your mouse down and in the right there would be two options saying
1  “copy view” 2 “delete view”
click on “delete view”.
Now your scroll your mouse up click on “delete view” button .
Now refresh your browser and check your analytics for particular type of removed domain ; you would not find it anywhere
it is gone !
thanks for reading !
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