How To Stay Happy In Life

How To Stay Happy In Life

How to stay calm and cool in life

All we have worldly possessions less or more and all we try our best to gain more and more anyhow this is our human nature ; to avoid this
thing is very difficult for all of us.And we try to gain these to live happy and stay to get more self relax but sorry this is not true case
for being true and happy.
First question arises when depression and happiness comes in our life.
Depression normally comes when thing or things go against our wishes or that we had intended to do something but we could not do this
as our desire or that particular thing never come to our expectations. First this thing creates a little depression in our face or mental afterwards going in our body that leaves a permanent impression so what are ways there to exclude these kind of things from our life.

Behave against unhappy things:

what we should behave against these so that these depressive happenings may become null or void or leave minimum impression or impact in our live.

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American survey tells that  about 95 percent Americans take depression diets or medicines so that they can avoid themselves from any kind of frustration but sorry to this kind of treatments as they are not permanent and in the end they make our life and body depend upon medicine just .
This fucking situation is developing in every country as desires are found everywhere and every desire cannot be fulfilled so frustration there starts…….
Now in short our life are machine type sometime up and running sometime waiting to be fueled or pumped or to be tuned or whatsoever we can say about a bad machine.

Now question arises what should we do or behave against what happens according to our expectations or non-expectations.

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It really depends on your brain or mental power how you should do against these circumstances for this you should be mentally stronger and healthier enough
to react against these ones happenings.

Stop blaming others :

Normally you would see people blame each other for they could not happen to react against each other wishes . Sorry for that !
As it happens when we cross the expectation against any person who is not more worthy of expectation but we are try or satisfy ourselves that
specified person could change everything or make me more happy but that specified person never even talk to “him”.
Now it is our responsibilty not to have more expectations against others as they are not more worthy of expectation.
Try to behave yourself and understand yourself what are you and what you can do leaving others that would do something favourable for you !
sorry it is your expectation not other-promise with you .


What you have less or more never have more wishes than what your circumstances allow you or what you can dream of.
Do what you can do yourself leaving others and be happy with that and be thankful to God for what you have at present.
Depression normally comes when we try or want to expect from others in wrong way.

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