Huntsman Spider Eastern Tarantula

Huntsman Spider Eastern Tarantula

Huntsman Spider Eastern Tarantula | This type of huntsman spider is mostly found in Australia Continent and huntsman mostly found in tropical regions.Scientific classification of huntsman spider the eastern tarantula is given below :

Huntsman Spider Eastern Tarantula

Scientific Classification The Eastern Tarantula

  1. Kingdom: Animalia
  2. Phylum:Arthropoda
  3. Class:Arachnida
  4. Genus:Phlogius
  5. Order:Araneae
  6. Suborder: Mygalomorphae
  7. Family:Theraphosidae
  8. Species:P. crassipes

Eastern Tarantula is known whistling spider,barking spider or bird eating spider and this type of Huntsman Spider Eastern Tarantula species is mostly found in North Queensland ,Australia.
The Eastern Tarantula Description :
The Eastern Tarantula body is about 2.4 inches long huntsman spider and Huntsman Spider Eastern Tarantula leg span is 6.3 inches and Huntsman Spider Eastern Tarantula fang size is about 0.39 inches and Huntsman Spider Eastern Tarantula’s fang is so much venomous and poisonous fangs.
The Eastern Tarantula life :

  1. Female ages are 30 years
  2. Male ages are 8 years.

The Eastern Tarantula Venom :
In May 2010 a scientist living near Cooktown, Queensland, was bitten on her right index finger and experienced symptoms never reported before in research literature. The finger became swollen and very sensitive to touch within one hour.
“The pain was so intense that sleep that night was impossible. Fifteen hours post-bite, the adjoining finger and upper hand were also swollen and painful.”Huntsman Spider Eastern Tarantula is not so much poisonous for cat and frogs and live short after biting.

Huntsman Spider Food :

The Eastern tarantula has been known to eat small birds, hence the nickname “Bird-eating spider”; however, they typically eat large insects,small mammals and amphibians, such as cane toads and frogs.Huntsman Spider Eastern Tarantula’s feed is on small insects,small birds and it is observed and researched that they feed on large insects such as
frogs,can toads,amphibians and small mammals.
Huntsman Spider Habitat :
Eastern Tarantula’s living in dark burrowing deep upto 1 metre and drained upto open areas due to heavy rain.Mostly hunstman spider lives out there plants or grounds.