Huntsman Spider Species Habitat Diet Reproduction Venom | Huntsman spider has big network specially in Australia and Australian Government and Scientist are researching on Huntsman spider and his species.

Huntsman Spider Species Habitat Diet Reproduction Venom | Huntsman spider has big network specially in Australia and Australian Government and Scientist are researching on Huntsman spider and his species.


Spider Family Sparassidae has genera namely Huntsman spider and larger spiders found in this family called “wood spiders” ,huntsman spiders has 13 genera and 94 mentioned species till 2017.

Huntsman Spiders Speicies :

  1. Tropical or Brown Huntsman spiders (Heteropoda)
  2. Banded Huntsman Spiders (Holconia)
  3. Common Huntsman spiders (Isopeda, Isopedella)
  4. Badge or Shield Huntsman spiders (Neosparassus)

Tropical or Brown Huntsman spiders (Heteropoda) :
Huntsman (Heteropoda) is also large and hairy, with mottled brown, white and black markings.

Banded Huntsman Spiders (Holconia):

The Banded Huntsman Spider (Holconia) is large and grey to brown with striped bands on its legs.

Common Huntsman spiders (Isopeda, Isopedella) :

Their species names are Isopeda, Isopedella and they are common everywhere.

Badge or Shield Huntsman spiders (Neosparassus)

The Badge Huntsman (Neosparassus) bite causes pain and swelling across the infected area and further symtoms are heart beating fast or palpitations or vomiting or nausea or headache,it is very serious if any one infected by badge huntsman spider have all symtoms.Badge spider which are also called shield huntsman spider bodies have hairy and brownish skins.

Green Huntsman spider Typostola barbata:

It is observed and researched that Green Huntsman spiders are fawn colored instead of being green.These Green hunstman spider have orange type moustache and dots you would see on their abdomen or belly and green color is prominent in their legs that’s why they look like green.

Grey Huntsman spider Holconia immanis :

They have brown to black patches color on their bodies but it seems it is 50 percent covers their bodies.Even though they have large bodies and large hair but they are weak inside.
WHAT Flat Huntsman Spiders (Delena) Look like :
Huntsman spider have 8 eyes and measuring across legs ,they are 15 centimetre,they have grey to brown eyes with banded legs rare cases. Flat huntsman spiders wherein including Banded huntsman spiders (Holconia) and Common huntsman spiders(Isopeda, Isopedella) live under crevices,deep holes or broken bark of trees,their preference places
including slabs of bark on the ground and on foliage all the time is narrow space where
they can hide easily and normally they want to escape from external weather and human eyes.
Huntsman spider legs may span upto 30 centimeters.They have twisted legs and brown bodies.Huntsman spiders are very good at their quick speeds.

What do you think about their thin legs or so delicate legs :
Never forget when they prey some pest ,they have gripped them with these thin legs.This eight eyed huntsman spider larger species is found great in Queensland and it
is estimated that largest huntsman spider is 30cm long.

Huntsman Spider Color :

Huntsman spiders normally have brown body where as Badge spider has less flattened bodies.
Dead tree have almost more huntsman spider than live trees.Under rocks and slabs of bark of trees are their living place mostly ,they are happy to live in woody dark places.
Jumping Spiders (Salticidae) have great eyes if compared with hunstman spider and it is less chance to be caught by human as they have clear vision of human approaching to them.


As all animal depends on natural organic foods or their diet consists of invertebarates or other insects ,same is the case with huntsman spider.
Huntsman most common dies to eat small reptiles and they prey on insects ,mouse,mice etc.


Climate conditions count everywhere for any species to lay eggs same is the case with huntsman spider ,their female species like Tropical or Brown Huntsman spiders (Heteropoda) can lay upto 200 eggs and guards againt it herself ,she stays there about three weeks ,it is very fact thing if any females species eggs are prone to attack ,they are about to attack anyone even their male species,it is universal fact that female is first guardian of her eggs as these eggs are given birth by females.So it s natural phenomena to save eggs from external world.

Tropical or Brown Huntsman spiders (Heteropoda) make s vibrating sound believing that females are about to give eggs and it very happy moments for huntsman spiders especially Tropical or Brown Huntsman spiders (Heteropoda) species live together and prefer to live in big groups called colonies.

How Female Huntsman Spider Lay Eggs :

Huntsman spider female helps a egg to emerge from sac open, it is normal to stay with their emerging eggs,firstly these young spiders are yellow and pale and afterwars goint to gree and brownish bodies. Their life span lies between 2 to 3 years.

Adult Huntsman spiders do not build webs,as they are more energetic and try to live in free webs.

Huntsman spider can be found easily in your showers,walls etc. Some greet them in their houses as their guests as being keeping control over other pests but sorry to being
guests , they do not need any welcome, they go there where they find it comfortable.
Spiders Found a great In These Countries :

The clock spider are very known and famous animal found every part of world and mostly they can be found in tropical regions of the world like Asia,America,Australia and Mediterranean regions. And other other tropical and semi-tropical regions like Asian continent is not small one continent where great population of world exist and countries like Afganistan, Armenia,Azerbaijan,Bahrain,Bangladesh,Bhutan,Brunei,Cambodia,China,Cyprus,Georgia,


Lebanon,Malaysia,Maldives,Mongolia,Myanmar (Burma),Nepal,North Korea,Oman,Pakistan,Palestine,Philippines,Florida and Hawaii ,Qatar,Russia,Saudi Arabia,Singapore,outh Korea,Sri Lanka,Syria,Taiwan,Tajikistan,Thailand,Timor-Leste,Turkey,Turkmenistan,United Arab Emirates (UAE),Uzbekistan,Vietnam,Yemen.

Why huntsman spiders bite human:
It is commonly live fact when human approaching them and try to snatch eggs, they aggresivly atttack on human or any living creature approaching them.

Are Huntsman Spiders Beneficial To Human :
As they eat insects and always prey to insects which may cause a great disturbance if found on our coach,bed,chair,green grass etc.

HUNTSMAN SPIDER VENOM | Huntsman Spider Bite

Huntsman spider are not considered as deadly one and they live on insects however if they bite human ,their bite may cause a great swelling to body or other minor diseases and it is scientifically proved that they do not a create a very harmful effect on human body.
Professor Adam Hart from the University of Gloucestershire says that the first step is not to panic.

Spiders In Australia

“We don’t live in Australia, we have a very kind fauna here,” he said. Giant house spiders “don’t want to attack you”, Professor Hart explained, and are definitely “not going to harm you”.“It’s probably a male spider looking for a female to mate with. It’s got no concern with us [humans] whatsoever.

“If you don’t want it in your house, use the old glass and paper trick.”Professor Hart noted that spiders are “very important ecologically”, and “do important jobs as predators”“Spiders like to hide under piles of clothes, when people are moving things it often makes them jump out,” Professor Hart said.“If you see a spider when you’re unwrapping a parcel from Trinidad, it might be sensible to isolate it,” Professor Hart added.

Are Hunstman spiders found in the UK?
Normally huntsman spider is not a native place for huntsman spider as discussed above countries wherein chances are great that huntsman spiders in these countries,they prefer
to live in warm or hot places so it is reason that huntsman spider or any spider species are less found in British country or any cold country.Records show that in Britain ,spiders are
found of length 12 cm.

Can Huntsman spiders kill humans?

It is very rare case if huntsman spider kills a human due to severe symtoms found in human body due to its bite like vomiting, irregular pulse rate,nausea, headaches and
eart palpitations.These all diseases if happened together and human body if not resisted against them properly due to human body weakness,may cause to death.But it is very rare cae.
We can say we do not find official records of human death caused by huntsman spider’s bite.

Can you imagine that Giant Huntsman Spider reached 16000 km away
Spider monster or Monster Spider or Giant Huntsman spider very interestingly reached to UK ,travelled from Australia in family belongings.It was reported that wastage and removal workers discovered and shocked when they 18 cm long huntsman spider from Brisbane.Giant and huge spider made a lift of 16700 km from Australia to British Government seas.In Mertsam Surry, it was said that 18 cm long huntsman spider was found in a shipping container.Very interestingly,this long 18cm huntsman spider was alive as he ate locusts about in container.Staff of ship called RSPCA who confined him.




Animal collection officerAnnie Janes said: “From the empty locust shells found in the container it seems he has thankfully been able to find food during that length of time, but it’s a long time to go without water, and he’s lucky he didn’t get squished by any boxes or furniture.
“When I arrived he had been caught in a box and I carefully put a few drops of water down which he drank for some time, before confining him in a secure carrier.
“Finding an exotic spider or insect in a shipping or removal container is not as rare as you may think — because the containers can include outdoor belongings like children’s play equipment and garden furniture, spiders can get picked up by mistake.”
Annie Janes added : “He was about the size of my two hands put together, roughly 18cm, so quite something to look at.Huntsman spiders are not venomous but they can give a nasty bite”.

The British Arachnological Society advises to its citizens if they find any suspected foreign spiders,contact local government or otherwise cover it into safe container.





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