i want to develop a software in vb.net


I want to develop a software in vb.net

I want to develop a software with many functions like extensive use of controls arrays at runtime,extensive handling of added control arrays,added frames, labels, textboxes, checkboxes and radio button,create and delete access database tables at runtime,auto connect to database from any location on system,create indexes and primary keys on access tables at runtime,Create and delete relationship between access tables at runtime.
backing up database,Logon with password protection or auto log on protection option,Adding, editing and deleting of record with restore options,Main (MDI) form with drop down list to open other forms,Clean controled popup messages for form controls,On the fly Image changing of form buttons,MaskedTextBoxes for Phone, SocSecurity and zipcodes with formats,Auto capitalizing of data entry, on the fly updating of drop down listbox databases for future assist in form fill,Internet connect within program,Full editors for clean up of drop down listboxes databases,Drop down listboxes to assist with medication names and Drug company names.
Compatibility: VB 2012, VB 2013
Click here to download source code for a software in vb.net

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