IDENTIFYING OHIO SPIDERS SPECIES | Ohio spiders species like crab spiders,spiders with no common name,spitting spiders,tube web spiders,six eyed brown spiders and more have been listing below for research purpose.Spiders of Ohio have other common names like Southern spiders of Ohio,Eastern spiders of Ohio,Northern Spiders of Ohio ,Northeast spiders of Ohio etc.

Watch video female crab spider , Barylestis Scutatus

Identifying Ohio Spiders Species Phrurolithidae (no common name) (11) Discovered Year Wise

Phrurotimpus alarius (Hentz, 1847)
Scotinella pugnata (Emerton, 1890)
Phrurotimpus minutus (Banks, 1892)
Scotinella britcheri (Petrunkevitch, 1910)
Phrurotimpus borealis (Emerton, 1911)
Scotinella fratrella (Gertsch, 1935)
Phrurolithus concisus Gertsch, 1941
Scotinella brittoni (Gertsch, 1941)
Scotinella redempta (Gertsch, 1941)
Scotinella madisonia Levi, 1951

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Identifying Ohio Spiders Species Philodromidae (running crab spiders) (21) Discovered Year Wise

Thanatus formicinus (Clerck, 1757)
Philodromus cespitum (Walckenaer, 1802)
Tibellus oblongus (Walckenaer, 1802)
Philodromus rufus Walckenaer, 1826
Philodromus pernix Blackwell, 1846
Philodromus vulgaris (Hentz, 1847)
Tibellus duttoni (Hentz, 1847)
Thanatus vulgaris Simon, 1870
Tibellus maritimus (Menge, 1875)
Philodromus imbecillus Keyserling, 1880
Philodromus infuscatus Keyserling, 1880
Philodromus laticeps Keyserling, 1880
Philodromus satullus Keyserling, 1880
Ebo latithorax Keyserling, 1884
Philodromus keyserlingi Marx, 1889
Philodromus marxii Keyserling, 1889
Philodromus exilis Banks, 1892
Philodromus minutus Banks, 1892
Philodromus placidus Banks, 1892
Ebo iviei Sauer & Platnick, 1972
Philodromus peninsulanus Gertsch, 1934
P. rufus vibrans Dondale, 1964
Scytodidae (spitting spiders) (1)
Scytodes thoracica (Latreille, 1802)
Segestriidae (tubeweb spiders) (1)
Ariadna bicolor (Hentz, 1842)

Identifying Ohio Spiders Species Sicariidae (sixeyed brown spiders)2 Discovered Year Wise

Loxosceles rufescens (Dufour, 1820) Mediterranean recluse
Loxosceles reclusa Gertsch & Mulaik, 1940 brown recluse

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Identifying Ohio Spiders Species Tengellidae (tengellids) (1) Discovered Year Wise

Liocranoides tennesseensis (Platnick, 1999)

Identifying Ohio Spiders Species Tetragnathidae (longjawed orbweavers) (19) Discovered Year Wise

Tetragnatha elongata Walckenaer, 1805
Leucauge venusta (Walckenaer, 1841) orchard orbweaver
Tetragnatha versicolor Walckenaer, 1841
Pachygnatha tristriata C.L. Koch, 1845
Pachygnatha xanthostoma C.L. Koch, 1845
Dolichognatha pentagona (Hentz, 1850)
Tetragnatha laboriosa Hentz, 1850 silver longjawed orbweaver
Pachygnatha autumnalis Keyserling, 1884
Pachygnatha brevis Keyserling, 1884
Pachygnatha furcillata Keyserling, 1884
Tetragnatha caudata Emerton, 1884
Tetragnatha straminea Emerton, 1884
Tetragnatha vermiformis Emerton, 1884
Tetragnatha guatemalensis O.P.Cambridge, 1889
Glenognatha foxi (McCook, 1893)
Pachygnatha dorothea McCook, 1894 thickjawed orbweavers
Tetragnatha pallescens (F.O.P.Cambridge, 1903)
Meta ovalis (Gertsch, 1933) cave orbweaver
Tetragnatha shoshone Levi, 1981

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