How to increase your Samsung Galaxy S6 battery life

How to increase your Samsung Galaxy S6 battery life

we found a great techniques that will help you increase your Galaxy S6’s battery life.

1-Disable Unnecessary Services

2-Use a black wallpaper

3-Sleep Apps When You Aren’t Using Them

4-Use the Power Saving Modes

Disable Unnecessary Services

For the positive impact on overall battery life you should disable features when they aren’t in use, disable location services and turn off Bluetooth connectivity when you don’t need it, NFC when you don’t need it, GPS when you don’t need it, and cellular data when you don’t need it.

Use a black wallpaper

First you have to download Galaxy S6 black wallpaper. After you’ve downloaded black wallpaper, go to Settings -> Personal -> Wallpaper -> From Gallery -> and then set your black Galaxy S6 wallpaper.

Sleep Apps When You Aren’t Using Them

Choose to sleep the selected application. Use this regularly and you have a nice boost to your battery life.

To sleep an application on your Samsung galaxy S6,

1-you must have Nougat on board. If you are running Android Nougat,

2- press and hold on an app icon. You should be see a few options popup.

 Use the Power Saving Modes

 Power saving mode can help you preserve your battery in risky situations.  You should adjust screen brightness and kill off background network usage.

If you will turn Power saving mode on then Galaxy runs maximum CPU performance, turn off the touch key lights, reduce your screen brightness, overall frame rate, turn off vibration feedback, and reduce the time before the screen is turned off when you receive notifications.

you can use Ultra power saving mode. Ultra power saving mode will apply a grayscale theme to your Galaxy S6 and it will limit your usable applications.

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