how to install xampp on windows


How to install xampp on windows

easy procedure for installing xampp on windows operating system and just follow these easy steps , and you would be there…
The XAMPP installation file included on the CD-ROM has been tested and is suitable
for Windows operating systems from XP through Windows 7. Earlier versions of
Windows are not supported.
Click the Next button to continue the installation process. As with most wizard-like
installations, you are asked to select an installation location and some installation
options before moving to the next step. The XAMPP installation is no different; you
should leave the default installation location and the default installation options as
marked and click the Next button to move on past each screen.
When the installation process finishes, the installer alerts you to this status; click the
Finish button to complete the installation. Before the XAMPP installation process
completely closes.
Best way for securing XAMPP:
The primary purpose of XAMPP is to provide a quick-and-easy installation method
for Apache, MySQL, and PHP within a development environment. One of the tradeoffs
for this quick-and-easy installation is that some security settings are left incomplete—
or, at least, up to the user to determine whether they are important enough
to set.
Using the installation right out of the (virtual) box, the following are some potential
security issues:
. The MySQL administrator user has no password. (You can use a blank
. MySQL and Apache run as the same user (nobody; relevant for Linux/UNIX
and Mac only).
. Some services are accessible to the network unless you specifically disallow
access through your personal firewall.
That’s all there is to it; XAMPP has installed Apache, PHP, and MySQL on your
machine, and you can see the status of services and read more information about
it through the links in the left column when viewing http://localhost/xampp/

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