Iphone 6s release

Iphone 6s release

iphone 6s early release strategy

iPhone 6S Rumors Point To A Curious Early 2015 Release

Iphone 6s release |December must the month for blue-sky thinking and speculation about the smartphone market early next year. Following on from the leaks of the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S6, the latest speculation around Apple’s iPhone strategy is for a new handset to be announced and go on sale alongside the Apple Watch, with a second new design planned for the usual September slot in the second half of 2015.

The idea that Apple could release two new iPhone designs next year is a bit bonkers . It’s an interesting idea, and short-term there is a lot of potential in bringing in an iPhone 6S alongside the proposed Apple Watch in the first half of 2015, and following up with the iPhone 7 in the traditional late September slot. But it burns through a lot of user goodwill, it smacks of desperation, and with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus still in heavy demand there’s no reason to disrupt that sales process.

Anyway, the speculative thinking goes something like this:

Apple is worried that consumers won’t buy the Apple Watch without buying a new phone. Apple’s new phone will be released in September so consumers will wait until September to buy the Apple Watch. So Apple will force the issue with a new phone, and that’s why the supply chain is talking about a new model and a six month cycle.

Let’s put aside the idea of a six-month product cycle being the only good strategy for Apple. Not only has Sony backed out of this model with the Xperia Android handsets and is back to a traditional yearly update, Apple has absolutely no trouble in selling smartphones, and I doubt Cupertino is going to be left with warehouses stuffed full of unsold Apple watches.


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