Made her new web strong in case a blind bat flew inside

Made her new web strong in case a blind bat flew inside Poem Written By White Tiger

Made her new web strong

Once a small black widow spider
Named Peeka, realized dark would find her
If she fell short of spin a web of gold
With skill none could deny

And as dawn broke, Peeka sighed
For she knew this was now the time
To get back her focus .. as she tackled magnum opus
Knew dreams would soon materialize

As she weaved each silky strand
And the framework of a web began
They merged to form .. one gigantic orb
Just like Peeka’s vision planned

Gelt her web would even rise
To sweep each contest and its prize
And light a spark in judge’s eyes
Then blossom strange behavior ..
Like an awesome freak of nature ..
That only miracles devise
As her web grew she knew some were jealous
May even claim she’s overzealous
And felt quite sure .. most liked her work
Though told herself, ‘none will tell us’

As night begun her work was done
And hung last thing on string for flair
Then slowly took .. a real long look
At what now seemed beyond compare

Assumed her place inside the center
So all would see the great inventor
Who would soon burst into flames..
And be immersed inside the fame..
As she became each spider’s mentor

Then just as moon dipped into black
Her web was ripped by one blind bat
That had quickly blown ..
Through web’s tender zone
Left hole that grew big and fat

As Peeka cried in her demise
Lost the gloss across her eyes
And decided then .. her time would end
As she had no reason to survive

Just then some awful bird
Cawed some odd phrase never heard
As he made fun .. of the damage done
And riddled her with words

When he cackled one more laugh
Peeka scorched him with her wrath
He slowly sank .. as he went blank
Then snapped back
To share these thoughts at last:

“Sweet crowfeet, you’re not dying
Because a bat was blindly flying,
Though, that boy destroyed your web
You’ll make one better, so keep trying.”

The bird’s last words rang through her
Like a northern breeze that blew her
So Peeka changed her mood
And re-thought each thing that happened to her

Then said, “yes, my feathered friend
I still have skills i need to spin
As i construct what none have seen
With all my greatness once again”

The crow just rolled his eyes
As he cackled at such pride
But she did make her new web stronger
In case a blind bat flew inside