Natural Treatment For Fistula Or Fissure

Natural Treatment For Fistula Or Fissure


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This section follows on from ‘Part 1 – A natural cure for Abscess and Fistula!?‘. In this section, I would be discussing the exact process I followed over the course of 2 months. I personally believe, that following this (or a similar) routine can maximise your chances of healing your fistula.

Please note: As the healing rate varies from person to person, follow this treatment for at least 2 weeks straight before jumping to a conclusion. It is hard work, but try document your progress for better comparison – for e.g. the rate, smell and colour of discharge, changes in shape, size and pain of fistula etc. Also, from personal experience, you normally don’t see linear results. Sometimes you see a noticeable improvement on the 5th day of the treatment, followed by an improvement on the 11th day etc.
So essentially, when dealing with a Fistula, you require a 2 step strategy:

1. Kill the bacteria present and allow the pus to drain (or dry up)

2. Stop the formation of pus (and allow the skin to heal)

Daily diet – What foods should you eat and why?

1. Natural Antibiotics/Anti-inflammatories (+Protein)
i. Manuka Honey – Best source of antibiotic, even more so than prescription medication. Has been shown in studies to kill even the most difficult MRSA bacteria, and more importantly, bacteria doesn’t develop resistance to it [Source: DailyMail]. I used Manuka Honey by Manuka Health with 400+ MGO (the higher the better). It can be purchased through Amazon and other places:

ii. Tumeric – Very potent herb with strong anti-inflammatory as well as anti bacterial properties. Can be purchased from any Indian grocery shop in powder form (bright yellow) [Source: University of Maryland].

iii. Minced Garlic – Garlic has natural anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties, and unlike medications, has negligible side effects.  It can be purchased locally from any grocery store.

iv. Coconut Oil Ghee – Saturated fatty acids assisting in cell repair. Coconut oil has strong anti-viral properties. This will allow the fistula track to heal and close [Source: Natural News]. I used PrimalFat brand which can be purchased through Amazon and elsewhere.

v. Milk/Yogurt – Main source of protein and pro-biotic bacteria, assisting in digestion, healing and closing of fistula.

My daily Dosage:

I mixed one tablespoon of Ghee, Minced Garlic and Tumeric with a glass of hot milk and drank it twice daily.

I had a bowl of yogurt daily.

I had a tablespoon of manuka honey thrice daily and plenty of warm water to flush toxins.

2. Fruits, Vegetables and Fibre

Fruits and vegetables provide the nutrition your body needs to fight the infection. They are a natural source of vitamins and minerals for body’s immunity and well being.

Fruits also provide the fibre your body needs for roughage. However, certain fruits such as oranges with high Vitamin C content are especially beneficial as they directly assist in clearing skin infections.

My Daily Dosage:

From the three meals I had, at least one of the meals consisted of just fruits and yoghurt.

Tip for people with Abscess:

1. Once it has been confirmed that it’s an abscess, avoid irritating or touching it, as it will only aggravate it further. If the abscess is around your anus, I would recommend going on a liquid diet of juices for a week at least, as the anus muscle contraction can aggravate it. This is assuming that the abscess (boil) is in its early stages. If it has grown large in size, you would probably require a heat therapy to allow it to pop. There are plenty of home remedies listed on MyHomeRemedies.

Daily Diet – What foods should you avoid?

1. Processed foods (such as fast food) and any food items that promote constipation.

2. Spicy foods.

Treating the site of Abscess and Fistula

My daily routine:

i. Multiple sitz bath in hot water with Epsom Salt, Dettol and Betadine liquid (a full cap) to remove infection and reduce any (potential) inflammation. After the bath,  it should be ensured that the area is kept dry and clean by wiping through a cotton soaked in diluted Dettol. For an abscess, depending on the stage and size, it will either subside down on its own or pop with hot presses. You can use Quret Drawing Salve to draw out the pus to the top.

ii. Dry cotton between my thighs to soak up the leakage.

iii. I often applied a semi-solid paste of tumeric and mustard oil (ratio wise, more tumeric less oil) which assisted in drying up the pus near the opening and healing the wound. You can also vary between applying Betadine cream, Manuka Honey and mustard oil/tumeric solution.

Sleep and Exercise Routine

In this section, I would briefly like to mention the importance of sleep and exercise. Sleeping is important as that’s when majority of the body’s healing occurs [Source: Dr. Wilson]. As such, it is advised that you sleep for at least 8 hours to accelerate the healing process. Similarly, exercise releases the vital chemicals and hormones for overall well being.

My routine:

I formed a routine of sleeping for 8 hours a day. I did breathing exercises and Yoga on a regular basis. I avoided strenuous exercises such as running etc., as it can create friction at the site of Fistula.

And there you have it folks. Let me know your thoughts on this regime.

I wish you all a speedy recovery.


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