OHIO SPIDERS SPECIES DISCOVERED | There are about 650 Spiders species native to Ohio state in California.Most common species are around Ohio;skin color wise white ,black ,brown,red and other mixtures of colors spiders exist in Ohio.

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Spiders species by year wise have been listed below:

Ohio Spiders Species Discovered Video | Emblyna new species(10)

Dysdera crocata C.L. Koch, 1838
Emblyna roscida (Hentz, 1850)
Emblyna sublata (Hentz, 1850)
Lathys foxi (Marx, 1891)
Lathys pallida (Marx, 1891)
Emblyna maxima (Banks, 1892)
Phantyna bicornis (Emerton, 1915)
Iviella ohioensis (Chamberlin & Ivie, 1935)
Emblyna zaba (Barrows & Ivie, 1942)
Emblyna hentzi (Kaston, 1945)

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Ohio Spiders Species Discovered Video | Dictynidae (meshweavers) (26)

Emblyna annulipes (Blackwall, 1846)
Dictyna foliacea (Hentz, 1850)
Dictyna volucripes Keyserling, 1882
Cicurina robusta Simon, 1886
Cicurina pallida Keyserling, 1887
Dictyna bostoniensis Emerton, 1888
Dictyna longispina Emerton, 1888
Dictyna minuta Emerton, 1888
Emblyna cruciata (Emerton, 1888)
Cicurina arcuata Keyserling, 1887
Cicurina brevis (Emerton, 1899)
Argenna obesa Emerton, 1911
Dictyna brevitarsus Emerton, 1915
Dictyna bellans Chamberlin, 1919
Dictyna formidolosa Gertsch & Ivie 1936
Emblyna decaprini (Kaston, 1945)

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Ohio Spiders Species Discovered Video | Dysderidae (woodlouse spiders) (1)

Ohio Spiders Species Discovered Video | Gnaphosidae (stealthy ground spiders) (46)

Micaria pulicaria (Sundevall, 1832)
Herpyllus ecclesiasticus Hentz, 1832 common name parson spider
Sergiolus capulatus (Walckenaer, 1837)
Sergiolus ocellatus (Walckenaer, 1837)
Haplodrassus signifer (C.L. Koch, 1839)
Cesonia bilineata (Hentz, 1847)
Sosticus loricatus (L. Koch, 1866)
Gnaphosa sericata (L. Koch, 1866)
Urozelotes rusticus (L. Koch, 1872)
Callilepis imbecilla (Keyserling, 1887)
Gnaphosa fontinalis Keyserling, 1887
Drassyllus depressus (Emerton, 1890)
Micaria longipes Emerton, 1890
Sergiolus montanus (Emerton, 1890)
Drassyllus frigidus (Banks, 1892)
Drassyllus rufulus (Banks, 1892)
Drassyllus novus (Banks, 1895)
Sosticus insularis (Banks, 1895)
Gnaphosa parvula Banks, 1896
Callilepis pluto Banks, 1896
Sergiolus bicolor Banks, 1900
Drassyllus aprilinus (Banks, 1904)
Haplodrassus bicornis (Emerton, 1909)
Haplodrassus hiemalis (Emerton, 1909)
Sergiolus unimaculatus Emerton, 1915
Drassodes gosiutus Chamberlin, 1919
Drassodes auriculoides Barrows, 1919
Zelotes laccus (Barrows, 1919)
Zelotes fratris Chamberlin, 1920
Drassyllus eremitus Chamberlin, 1922
Sergiolus tennesseensis Chamberlin, 1922
Litopyllus temporarius Chamberlin, 1922
Talanites echinus (Chamberlin, 1922)
Zelotes duplex Chamberlin, 1922
Drassyllus fallens Chamberlin, 1922
Sergiolus lowelli Chamberlin & Woodbury, 1929
Drassyllus creolus Chamberlin & Gertsch, 1940
Drassyllus nannellus Chamberlin & Gertsch, 1940
Drassyllus ellipes Chamberlin & Gertsch, 1940
Micaria elizabethae Gertsch, 1942
Micaria riggsi Gertsch, 1942
Micaria gertschi Barrows & Ivie, 1942
Zelotes hentzi Barrows, 1945
Sergiolus decoratus Kaston 1945
Drassyllus covensis Exline, 1962
Zelotes exiguoides Platnick & Shadab, 1983

Eutrichuridae (no common name)

Cheiracanthium inclusum (Hentz, 1847) agrarian sac spider
Strotarchus piscatorius (Hentz, 1847)
Cheiracanthium mildei L. Koch, 1864 yellow sac spider

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