The Outraged Spider Poem By Sonali Sethi New Delhi, India

The Outraged Spider Poem By Sonali Sethi New Delhi, India

Silly humans, why can’t they see,
The web I weave so carefully?
How will my children ever eat
If they don’t control their clumsy feet?

Why can’t they see as they walk?
So wrapped up in their silly talks,
Into my precious web they go,
With their loud squaks and bellows!

They scare my children half to death
Why can’t they be quiet instead?
No respect for the home they destroyed;
In fact they leave feeling annoyed!

So self righteous these humans are
With that attitude, they won’t get far.
Surely evolution will wipe them out!
All they do is shriek and shout.

There they go into my web again
The one I rebuild with such care and pain,
Not a thought given to my efforts!
This selfish race really should suffer!

I’m outraged by this behaviour
Oh other insects, please be my saviour!
They squash and trample us all the time
I’ll give them a piece of my mind!!

Friends, there’s strength in numbers
Their underestimation is their blunder
Slowly, I’ll let my evil plans unfurl
Soon, the cockroaches and I will take over the world!