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‘Aaron Needs a Job’. The name may be somewhat misleading when you hear it for the first time because it makes you think that this is some kind of a job-search show. But here is the thing. In this engineering and science-centric documentary, you get to witness a whole-new mechanical world. The Discovery Channel original gives you an inside look into large and small motor-driven industries — making it a must-watch for those with a knack for machines.

The series is produced by Lionsgate’s Pilgrim Media Group, with Craig Piligian and Eddie Rohwedder being credited as the executive producers for Pilgrim. For Discovery Channel, Craig Coffman and Kyle Wheeler serve as executive producers. Ethan Galvin and Olivia Ghersen produce all of its episodes.

Aaron Needs a Job Cast: Who is in it?

Aaron Kaufman, who is already recognized as a master mechanic for starring on the show, ‘Fast N’ Loud‘, is the host of ‘Aaron Needs a Job’. He, alongside Richard Rawlings (owner of Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas), takes car-wrenching into a whole new level on ‘Fast N Loud’. However, Aaron left GMG in 2016 in order to kickstart his own venture. He soon launched his own show, ‘Shifting Gears, which follows Arclight Fab, his fabrication company, that supplies aftermarket parts to Ford F-100 pickups. Aaron, the 30-something guy with a beard, is an expert, custom-car builder, and a genius who surely understands everything about machines. Hence, no one could have been a better fit for headlining our current title under preview.

Aaron Needs a Job Plot: What is it about?

If you have followed ‘Shifting Gears’, you will know that Aaron is already well-versed in automobiles and knows his way around all types of vehicles, big or small. Now, in ‘Aaron Needs a Job’, he attempts to take up new challenges by diving deep into the mechanical realm — a sphere he does not hold much expertise in. He attempts to give viewers an inside look into the industries, machines, motors, and mechanical minds that rule the world.

Across the episodes, he travels across the globe to explore motor-driven industries and tries to learn new skills. He works with antique military vehicle restoration in Uvalde, Texas. It seems he is pretty excited to drive tanks and smash cars underneath them. Again, he takes a trip to NASA, trains with firefighters in Nevada in the extreme desert conditions, and tests his naval talents by participating with a tugboat crew in Tacoma, Washington. Next, he enters three miles inside a pitch-black coal mine in Colorado and grabs the chance to drive a coal-powered train over the snow. While here, he gathers knowledge about the dangers of operating heavy machinery near sensitive, explosive coal dust. He explores the Las Vegas hotel service underbelly and gives a rare insight into the never-seen-before activities that go on in this industry.

Packed with adrenaline-inducing, daring stunts, ‘Aaron Needs a Job’ is definitely a keep-you-on-your-toes series. As our host searches for his next gig, we follow him as he steps out of his comfort zone to land an exciting job. Promising a “wild ride across the country”, Aaron definitely leaves no stone unturned to reach his goal. It is certainly recommended for anybody with an interest in engineering, science, and math. The premise is somewhat similar to that of ‘Dirty Jobs’, with the only difference being in the types of machines showcased throughout the episodes.

Aaron Needs a Job Season 1 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Aaron Needs a Job’ season 1 premieres on Monday, July 15, 2019, at 10 pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel. If you are into automobiles and their mechanics, you can’t miss this show.

Now coming to a question that must definitely be on your mind: will ‘Aaron Needs a Job’ be renewed? Well, this heavily depends on its ratings and the audience’s response. However, considering the interesting premise of the series, we would not be surprised if it manages to garner quite a number of viewerships. And if it does, a second season is definitely underway. When? As per our best guess, if ‘Aaron Needs a Job’ season 2 does happen, it should start airing sometime in July 2020. We shall be updating this section with more concrete news as and when we learn more.

Aaron Needs a Job Trailer:

Discovery has released the official trailer for ‘Aaron Needs a Job’ season 1. You can check it out below in order to get an idea of what this series is all about.

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