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‘Cash Cab’, the original British show, was adopted into its American counterpart and previously aired on Discovery Channel from 2005 to 2012. After that, it was revived for a second run and was released on the platform in 2017. After spanning 13 seasons in total, the famed trivia game cum reality series is all set for yet another reboot on Bravo. A part of the global ‘Cash Cab’ franchise with more than 40 international adaptations, it follows a yellow Uber, whose driver picks up unsuspecting passengers from the streets and quizzes them for cash prizes. A combo of a quiz and candid camera show, it features a host who asks the candidates questions, with increasing levels of difficulty while driving them to their destination. Bravo’s revival is produced by Lion Television with Tony Tackaberry, Ben Bailey, Allison Corn, PJ Morrison, and Stan Hsue being credited as executive producers.

Cash Cab Cast: Who is in it?

Ben Bailey serves both as the driver and host for all episodes of ‘Cash Cab’. The popular stand-up comedian is also a licensed taxi cab driver and has made appearances on’s ‘TalkBackTV’. He serves as the narrator for Discovery Channel’s series, ‘Smash Lab’.

Cash Cab Plot: What is it about?

Every episode of ‘Cash Cab’, since its premiere, has been filmed in New York City. However, certain episodes in season six are set in Las Vegas as well. Contestants who step into the taxi are unaware that they have landed inside the cash cab and are a part of the game until they have hired the vehicle. Bailey then informs them about the reality show and briefs them about the rules.

The format of the series goes somewhat like this. As soon as the person enters the cab and informs the driver of his/her destination, he or she is greeted by the host, accompanied by bright ceiling lights and fanfare music. Now, the contestant is aware that he/she is part of this awesome game. The rules are explained on-camera after the introduction and before asking, “Do you want to play?” The rules firmly imply that after three strikes, the contestant is out of the game.

It is also explained that the cab, during these travel hours, would not be taking detours, unless instructed by a cop, stop sign, traffic light or other legal traffic regulations. There is an option to get off the taxi if passengers don’t wish to participate. However, if they do, they cannot step out until they finish the game or receive three strikes. After the third strike, the participant loses all of his/her winnings and is kicked out of the cab. Once the player leaves the taxi, a camera crew waits at that point to film the departure reactions.

The series reboot is also set in New York City and follows a similar format. The only difference is that, this time, the stakes are much higher. The car is upgraded and the questions are geared more toward pop culture. Each episode comprises three games and starts the moment the passenger steps inside the cash cab. If the participants can answer enough questions, they are guaranteed to win several dollars. But three wrong answers and they are kicked out. The new format includes two shout-outs – one on social media and the other on the street. In the latter, the participant can ask Bailey to pull over and seek help from a stranger. Those who make up to the destination without being evicted get the chance to pocket all the winnings. Additionally, they can also choose to play a double or nothing video bonus round. Either way, they leave the cab incredibly sad or extremely dejected.

The Emmy Award winner, ‘Cash Cab’ is a much-loved show, primarily because of its fun concept. Even when a rider receives three strikes and is forced to leave the game, he or she is still closer to his/her destination than before. Again, although they might win nothing after the double or nothing round, they still get a free ride to their intended location.

Cash Cab Season 14 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Cash Cab’ Season 13 premiered on Discovery Channel on July 27, 2018, and concluded with its 10th episode on October 5, 2018. It premiered with a special Shark Week episode so as to coincide with the 30th Anniversary of Shark Week. On July 2, 2019, it was announced that ‘Cash Cab’ Season 14 will be premiering on Bravo TV. According to the announcement, the 14th installment brings back Ben Bailey as the host and is set to premiere in the latter part of this year. Shooting starts this summer. The addition joins Bravo’s slate of programming that includes the revival of the famed dating show, ‘Blind Date’.

Cash Cab Trailer:

Bravo TV has not released an official trailer for ‘Cash Cab’ Season 14. We shall update this section as soon as we get an update on the same. Additionally, if you have not watched the series yet, you can head over to Discovery Channel to catch up on all its previous seasons.

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