Hollywood Movies Somewhere, Gravity, Birdman, Upstream Color, The Tree of Life Reviews Critics

Hollywood Movies Somewhere, Gravity, Birdman, Upstream Color, The Tree of Life Reviews Critics

18. Reviews And Critics On Hollywood Movie Somewhere (2010)

The story of the relationship between father and daughter is apparently a biography of Sofia’s childhood, when she accompanied her father, the legendary Francis Ford Coppola, to various hotel and movie sets. “Somewhere” is one of those movies that doesn’t surprise you right away, but it slowly starts to grow when you start thinking about it. Basically stays with you, especially after the 2nd scene. It highlights themes of loneliness and loneliness – in this aspect similar to “Lost Translation” – but it touches you more because of the chemistry of father and daughter, which is absolutely essential to the film. In short: The best movie ever about a father and daughter relationship.

19. Reviews And Critics On Hollywood Movie Gravity (2013)

“Gravity” is only on this list, because no movie of this decade, or even today’s century, will give you the excitement and greatness of watching films like this one. Breathtaking, inspiring, visually inspiring (more than anything else on screen) and a technological miracle in every aspect, “Gravity” has set a new standard for every subsequent film. What is it? Although the film itself can be forgotten, as technology is evolving, you should not deny its contribution to cinema.

20. Reviews And Critics On Hollywood Movie Birdman (2014)

“Birdman”, full of energy and raw energy, plays with film art as you know it and gives it a new dimension. A sarcastic and profoundly funny look at the immediate reputation of culture and celebrities, which nowadays make fun of prisoners such as Facebook and Twitter. These surprises, challenges, and baffles; at times it is a passion, a passion, and an experience that you may have never lived in cinema houses. A movie for generations to come.

21. Reviews And Critics On Hollywood Movie Upstream Color (2013)
Tune-in, mysterious and at the same time deeply philosophical “upstream color” is both a meditative and thought-provoking work of art as well as technical magic. It’s a rare film product that inspires people to cross the boundaries of imagination and creativity. If the art of cinema ever needs a cause or proof that its purpose is more than entertainment then you don’t have to look any further than this movie.

22. Reviews And Critics On Hollywood Movie The Tree of Life (2010)

“Tree of Life” is a film of extraordinary reach and desire. The audience not only asks for observation but also reflection and feeling. Simply put, the “tree of life” is the story of a journey to find yourself. In its most complex form, it is a meditation on our place in the grand scheme of human life and things. After all, the “tree of life” can change the way you look at life (it changed me). How many films have such power? Everything said and done is just the best movie of the decade so far.