Skin Problems

Skin Problems

14 Beauty and Skin Problems All Latinas Understand

1. Dealing with dark spots. Manchas oscuras, hyperpigmentation, whatever you call them —those annoying red spots that stay on your face long after a zit has faded are the absolute worst, and of course, Latinas are more prone to them. Yay.

2. Actually, scarring in general. Hey, remember that one time you accidentally scratched yourself on your face or arm absentmindedly? Congrats, you’ll be dealing with the scar left behind forever.

3. Running out of your favorite leave-in conditioner. You’ve finally found the one product that leaves your hair feeling and looking salon-worthy every time, and then you forget to restock, so you end up running to every beauty supply shop you can think of to stock up … only to leave empty-handed every time, because they’re out or the product’s been discontinued. #SadDay.

4. Permanent under-eye circles. When someone finds a solution to these, please call me!

5. The sheer amount of money spent on beauty and skin care products. According to a 2013 Nielsen report, Latinas spend more money than non-Hispanic women on beauty, skin, and hair products, probably because it’s been engrained from a very early age that you’re supposed to take a lot of pride in your appearance (and to never leave the house without makeup, of course). I don’t even want to think about how much money I’ve thrown down the drain trying — and failing — to get “perfect” skin and hair.

6. Knowing that you were ahead of the curve when it came to natural or DIY beauty trends. Let the record show that I (and every other Latina I know) was using olive oil and honey in my hair, coffee grounds and sugar on my skin, and avocado on my face before it became the cool thing to do.

7. Acne. Acne. Acne. Obviously, acne plagues many women, Latina or not. But Latinas and women of color are more prone to hormonal cystic acne — the painful nodules that tend to start deep below your skin and leave more severe scarring.

8. And to that end, blackheads. Ugh.

9. It takes you forever to find the perfect shade of concealer or foundation. And then you have to switch it for a different shade, depending on whether it’s winter or summer.

10. Overplucking your eyebrows. (Then freaking out that everyone’s probably silently judging you for it). And then having to suffer through the emotional experience of growing them back.

11. Having oily skin. Most of the year, it’s like my skin goes into overdrive, producing enough oil to power a train from New York to California and back. Luckily, this is why the powers that be invented blotting papers.

12. Until winter hits — then it’s scaly, dry, ashy skin all the way! The only thing worse than having extremely oily skin is when winter comes and then all the oil seems to dry up and go away, and you’re left with really scaly patches of skin everywhere (it’s a cute look).

13. Finding the perfect nude lipstick. I — and most Latinas I know, especially those with darker skin tones — would love to be able to rock the nude-lip trend. It’s so chic! So sophisticated! So utterly hard to accomplish without looking washed out or like I just devoured a powdered doughnut and left the remnants on my face!

14. Falling into the trap of thinking that because you’re naturally tan or tan very easily, you’re protected from skin cancer. I know, I know: This is a bad one, but the more we know about skin cancer, the more we know about the dangers of lying out in the sun and baking. And skin cancer rates have been rising in Hispanics, so, you know, wear sunscreen every time you’re outside, even if it’s not sunny. /PSA.


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